Kaitlyn Dever mourns mother’s death from breast cancer

Kaitlyn Dever is mourning her mother Katie, who she called her “best friend,” after she died of breast cancer.

On Wednesday, the 27-year-old Ticket to heaven The actress shared memories of her mother on Instagram as she wrote about how much she misses her late mother.

“My mom. My life. My everything. I don’t even have words,” Dever wrote. “Nothing I will ever say will compare to the gifts you have given me in my life, the boundless joy you have brought, the deep, endless, unconditional love you have given to me and our family.” .

“Your love was everywhere,” she continued. “It was this morning while you and I were having coffee and shopping for real estate, he was sitting by the pool eating watermelon (with salt of course) and listening to Willie Nelson, he was lying in your bed and you were watching Seinfeld.” and listening to your infectious laugh as you repeated each line from memory, it was poking fun at each other, it was wanting to tell you about my day, it was getting from you the best advice anyone would be lucky enough to receive, it was walking with you somewhere, because it didn’t matter where we were… we had fun and laughed.”

Book Shop The actress said her mom’s love “was like sunshine, warming me when I needed it most and making me smile when I was sad.”

“You were everyone’s favorite. You are my favorite,” Dever wrote. “The cutest thing in the world. Without you, I will forever be broken and I don’t know how I will live further.”

The Emmy nominee said she will have the support of her father and siblings Madi and Jane.

“Thanks to you, we will always have the opportunity to read each other. You were the best mom and wife anyone could ask for,” Dever wrote. “Thank you for fighting so hard for us for so long. I am forever, forever grateful for the special time we had with you, sweet mother… it will never be enough.”

“I miss your smile, your sense of humor, your hugs, your kisses, being able to hold your hand more than anything,” she added. “You made everything better. My sweetest, most beautiful girl. My best friend. Oh how much I love you. What a gift it is to love you. I love you forever and ever, Mom.”

Caitlin Denver/Instagram

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Back in 2020, Dever wrote on Instagram about her mom, who has been “battled with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer for 10 years.” The star shared that Katie was diagnosed at age 39 and “every day since then has been a terrifying battle.”

“Some days are so scary I don’t even know what to feel and other days she has a positive appointment and then it’s a good day,” she wrote at the time. “Every day is different and we got through it together as a family.”

Incredible the actress called her mom “the strongest woman I know, and I’m grateful every day to the doctors who took such good care of her over the years.”

Caitlin Denver/Instagram

Then she added: “Cancer is so unbearably scary. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to live with this disease, but I know what it’s like to watch someone you love go through pain. My heart goes out to “Everyone has to deal with the burden of cancer. Let’s get tested and encourage those we love to get tested too.”

Dever’s sister Madi also wrote a tribute to her mom on Instagram on Wednesday, saying: “Thank you for fighting so hard to stay here on this earth with us, for giving me my sisters and my dad, and for the fact that you are the most beautiful person on the inside and that is what I will ever know. I love you endlessly”.

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