Kaitlyn Dever’s mother dies after battling cancer

Kaitlyn Dever is mourning the loss of her mother Katie.

The 27-year-old Booksmart actress paid tribute to her late mother alongside a carousel of snaps of them and their family on Instagram on Wednesday night.

“My mom. My life. My everything. “I don’t even have words,” she began. “You were everyone’s favorite. You are my Love. The cutest in the world. Without you, I will be broken forever and I don’t know how I will live further.

“You were the best mother and wife anyone could ask for. Thank you for fighting so hard for us for so long. I am forever, forever grateful for the special time we had with you, sweet mother… it will never be enough.”

Caitlin thanked her mother for giving her younger sisters Mady and Jane, and noted that the siblings and their father Tim “will always read to each other.”

Concluding her post, she wrote: “I miss your smile, your sense of humor, your hugs, your kisses, being able to hold your hand more than anything. You made everything better. My sweetest, most beautiful girl. My best friend. Oh how much I love you. What a gift it is to love you.

The Dopesick star received condolences from her fellow actors in the comments. Her Short Term 12 co-star Brie Larson wrote, “All the love in the world to you and your family,” her Dear Evan Hansen co-star Ben Platt commented, “I love you so much,” and her upcoming The Last of Us co-star Pedro Pascal added: “I’m so sorry, Caitlyn.”

In October 2020, Caitlyn revealed on Instagram that her mother battled stage 4 metastatic breast cancer for 10 years.

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