Kansas City Chiefs-San Francisco 49ers

ANDThere is a lot of mysticism in the finale. Of course they have history and stories. But Tonight’s Super Cup LVIII (00:30, Movistar+) brings all the ingredients together to be a battle for the ages. Complexity The National Football League usually prevents these duels, but at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas will be quoted Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. A champion team building a dynasty at its peak Brady’s Patriots or Jordan’s Bulls. and with the best player in the world in its ranks -Patrick Mahomes-, Chiefs. And the most complete course, SanFra. There is no better fight. All Stars.

Re-released in 2020, but a lot changes from the first ring of the Andy Reid project. Mahomes will forever lead a team from a quarterback that is numerically adjacent to Tom Brady’s New England Patriots. In his first six seasons, he has the most postseason wins (14-12) and could equal three rings at this point. From a young team that has something to prove, to an experienced and confident one. And this would be his toughest title yet as he knocked out the Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens away from home! get to Nevada City Strip Stadium.

Taylor Super Bowl

Outside the battle between the Chiefs and 49erss, the Super Bowl is Taylor Swift’s finale. She is the main character of the course as she is in a relationship with Travis Kelsey, a Kansas City tough man, and her passion is captivating. He will head to Las Vegas after the odyssey, as a few hours before he will have a concert as part of the Eras Tour in Japan. He should arrive taking advantage of the 17-hour switch.

Taylor Swift at her concert in Japan.

Taylor Swift at her concert in Japan.


Kansas is Kansas, folks.

Travis Kelsey

One of the most legendary paths to the title. Against an MVP (Lamar Jackson) and a rising team (Buffalo). “I never doubted them. It’s about how they approach things,” said Andy Reid, Arrowhead’s great benching guru. “Kansas is Kansas, guys,” added Travis Kelce.another big star.


But the Niners are an opportunity, not the ones they had in 2020. The quarterback was Jimmy Garoppolo, the antithesis of a safe, elite player.. And the team is growing exponentially. They go hand in hand with Brock Purdy, Mr. Irrelevant. He was selected last in his class (No. 256) in the 2022 class, and his story transcends boundaries.. From nothing to everything. One game away from becoming the greatest story of all time in American sports.

That’s not all. Pardee is confident and complements the impressive attack. Christian McCaffrey is an unstoppable runner (18 touchdowns this season). Joining the reception are the talents of Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk.

Although the defense will go with some doubts: He allowed 386 yards per game in the playoffs, and without a miracle against the Lions, history might have been different. They came back with 17 points (24-7). to Detroit, scoring the most points in the championship game. Rare for a contrasting body with Fred Warner, Dre Greenlaw, Chase Young or Nick Bosa.

It will be worth it. Nobody really remembers who lost the Super Bowl.

John Lynch

In his head is the word revenge (memory of 2020) along with the word desert. “It’s worth it. Nobody really remembers who lost the Super Bowl.” If you want to be remembered, this is your chance,” he said. John Lynch its CEO. It’s time for a post-construction course with Kyle Shanahan’s style book.


The defense’s main job will be to hunt down the brilliant Mahomes. “Effort is non-negotiable. “These are issues that have been resolved and I would be surprised if we see them again,” Lynch explained. on the California franchise’s latest defensive woes. Warning.

Because the The Kansas City 15 is relentless. He doesn’t have a capable receiving corps – rookie Rushie Rice is the favorite –, but together with Travis Kelce they make a stellar duo. They have 17 postseason touchdowns, ahead of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski’s 15 each and Joe Montana and Jerry Rice’s 12 each.

Mahomes may be emerging as the villain since everyone thought he was eliminated… and here they are. “Speak now,” Mahomes repeated on his networks after the classification. And of course, look at Brady. One more call would have taken the discussion to gigantic heights. About US sports myths.

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