Kanye West: a new woman on the streets of Paris, a toilet in…

Bianca Censori, Kanye West’s new woman, is ready to take center stage for her spotlight and honest conversation.

Because she is among the billionaires, the Australian girl cannot return to the controversy because these ten people plus others.

After practicing ultra-sexuality, when the tree grew after a certain time and what happened in the toilet, the young lady decided that it was time for an encore walk, plus the lower back.

While in Paris, the American rapper decided to do something extreme.

It’s actually strange that Bianca Censori chose the marcher.

Suite in the style of Kanye West’s new album, the couple the rapper meets in Paris offers an evening for their fans at the Chord Arena in Manches on February 25, 2024.

The young couple decided to take advantage of their free time in Paris for shopping.

For this escape in love, the Australian became a new participant in the procession on the streets of Paris.

In fact, the new woman Kim Kardashian opted for a super extravagant look that resents work. The 29-year-old appeared in a simple transparent necklace that allows her to see her intimate parties.

Pour le haut, elle s’est contenté d’une chemise à manches longues bleu pastel entièrement transparent, qui laisse clairement entrevoir ses tetons.

When he was a rapper, he was ready to die and get knocked down. Pour de nombreux internautes, la jeune femme serait sous l’emprise de l’ex Marie de Kim Kardashian.

Notons que l’Australienne pourrait se retuver derriere les barreaux to avoid exhibitions at public genital parties.

In France, une loi interdit l’exhibition sexuelle imposée à la vue d’autrui dans un accessed.

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