Kanye West for $12 million for Vulture sessions

La musique ne Cesse de Surprendre et de Rapporter Gros, surtout quand il’il’agit d’un Artiste de Renom as Kanye West. Indeed, the American rapper, in collaboration with Ty Dolla Sign, has accomplished quite a financial feat with his latest musical project called “Vultures.” Five exclusive evenings organized for the public presentation of the album with a recording permit plus $12 million, including the sale of blanks. A successful servant that confirms Kanye West’s status as a master of music marketing.

Les sessions d’écoute ont will debut in Chicago on February 8 and will be released in Paris on February 25. The two US premiere parties grossed $2.4 million. Kanye West and Ty Dolla crossed the Atlantic to launch their album in Europe, and their concerts in Italy and France sold out. The bills, which sold for between $140 and $220, found buyers in record time and freed fans of this unique musical experience.

The production details are amazing that Kanye West took advantage of the big ideas for these events that create huge sables. However, limitations in technology make it possible to abandon this original idea. Overall, event management has been a success and I advertise on site very quickly, with 72 hours of preparation after the dates are officially announced.

This event demonstrates one of Kanye West’s greatest abilities to believe in moments that are inexplicable to his fans, all while creating a significant future. Kanye’s music continues to resonate in the heart of the public, regardless of the deeds of man. Fans of rap and urban music can rejoice: Kanye West remains one of the most innovative and profitable artists of his generation.

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