Kanye West Helps Fan Avoid Pretense in 2022

Kanye West’s Meeting with Justice.

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The rapper was the subject of a complaint from a fan who claimed he was scammed in 2022 by someone demanding an autograph.

Justin Poplawski and his wife Tiffany Marshall leave lawsuit in Los Angeles County court for coups and blessings, reveal emotional intent, negligence and innocence of conscience, separate documents obtained Explosion. The incident occurred in downtown Los Angeles on January 13, 2022, after Justin Poplawski, who calls himself a “respected autograph dealer,” demanded a dedication to the star.

Le Plaignant Afirme Qu’après s’être Approché de l’Interprete de Flashing lights, celui-ci aurait crie: “Dégage d’ici avant que je te casase la gueule. Je vais faire de toi un p*tain d’emple!

The autograph hunter added that Kanye West also mentioned that he was “divorcing” his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Justin Poplawski pretends that the music in frappé à plusieurs echoes the “blessed grave.” When you open the documents, you will hear harsh remarks that raise the “legitimacy of the public voice” regarding the alleged incident.

Tiffany Marshall is looking for a 46-year-old rapper for a “living conscience.”

Following the incident, Justin Poplawski was filmed near the lands that Kanye West was shouting about being shared on social media. The police did not wait to investigate the incident, but there were no further charges that they managed to keep the fight with the rapper alive. Gold Digger. “After the approval of the examination and the attention of all prejudices, the Notre Bureau decided that there were no grounds to justify the conviction,” avait déclaré à l’epoque le Bureau du procureur de la Ville de Los Angeles.

This is clearly not the case for Justin Poplawski and the woman Tiffany Marshall wants her to understand justice.

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