Kanye West in the film “Blonde Supreme Intelligence” on the occasion of the anniversary of cellular communications

Kanye West took advantage of Bianca Censori’s anniversary for a long and passionate declaration of love.

Rapper Stronger, Egalement connu sous le nom de Ye, to pay homage to the same cell that participates in the life that reigns for 29 years.

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“Joyeux anniversaire à la plus belle et super géniale Muse Iconique, Artiste Talentueuse et Inspirante” written by Kanye West in the legend of a series of photographs of a young woman.

Sur l’une d’elles, perhaps you will see Bianca Censori souriante, assise sur un canapé et portant des bottes blanches en fourrure. Kanye West has already added: “You will tell me when I reveal you ahead of time.”

The bathroom for a young woman is not only for beauty, but also for son, intelligence and love. “She has a master’s degree in architecture and a QI of 140. She rests for a month, starting from all days when it comes to my world,” at-il partage.

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The music star, who is 46 years old, is welcomed into the group as the “big, incomprehensible beauty mother” of the four children who were the son of ex-woman Kim Kardashian. The message ends with a declaration of love: “Je t’aime Tellement, merci de parteager ta vie avec moi!”

The couple, who will marry in December 2022, celebrated Bianca Censori’s birthday with a celebration with friends in Las Vegas.

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Les amoureux ont été aperçus se tenant la main alors qu’ils promenaient dans le complexe hôtelier et Casino Wynn le Samedi January 6, she is important in a tiny top bikini and a jupe blanche.

Video obtained by TMZ while watching Bianca Censori soufflant des bougies sur un gâteau tandis que de my friends lui chantent Anniversary Joyeux.

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