Kanye West is having some one-on-one time with his son Garson Saint!

Kanye West spent time with the Saints after a basketball game in Los Angeles. A one-on-one moment with Louis.

Since then, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have become another plus point for the ensemble. Pour autant, leurs enfants passent toujours un peu de temps avec leur père. C’était le cas de Saint il ya peu. About you in dit plus in this article.

Kanye West passe du temps with Saint

On the same day after the divorce, the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is not very good. Now the mother does not want her children to be with their father. Même si la coparentalité It is not simple.

The rapper loves narcissistic traits. Ce qui n’aiderait pas pour se mettre d’accord au sujet des enfants. In an interview with The Sun, psychologist Dr Daniel McGraw Prenait la parole sur ce sujet.

You Kanye talks about narcissistic personality traits. And contain declarations of greatness, rights and aggression. Recently, Kim Kardashian allows her ex-husband Kanye West to see their children.

Plusieurs fois, they suck it Don’t explain that this is “gérer son ex”. I think the discussions are being conducted être assez houleuses. Even higher, on voyait donc le rappeur avec son fils de 8 ans, basketball game in Saint-Après-Sône.

Et c’est donc son papa qui l’emmenait à son match. These photographs are immortal at this moment. Kanye West decides it’ll be in the bathroom give a small gift to your son’s son. Lambda’s foray immortalized by the paparazzi.

Divorce plus this complex

On voit donc de temps en temps Kanye West with his children. Mais ce qui fait le plus parler c’est sa nouvelle femme, Bianca. And indeed, a practice that can be avoided with it. Meme and son message for son anniversary on instagram this is very minion.

On Instagram, a young woman appears here every day before we share her dreams. In a post with a written meme: “ pas de trousers this year“. Et tout le monde requires the rapper to not be serious.

Il faut dire que tout parait très étrange. Ensemble “Para passe beaucoup de temps”. Ils étaient en Italie puis en Allemagne. Also, Kanye West can’t be too much See how your children’s pendant is plusieurs mois. Il essaie peutre de se faire pardonner in Los Angeles.

And it all starts with Saint at the beginning of the basketball game. Pour autant, le rappeur est alors toujours dans une panade financière. As a result, it was even better one million dollars import qu’il n’a donc pas réglés pour le moment.

And if you don’t pay these days, the interest will continue to explode. At some point, Kanye West made an encore out of his troubles. Il faut dire que beaucoup de marques l’ont abandoned after the proposal of anti-Semites. Ce qui fait un gros manque d’argent.

More in posts on Instagram, il dit maintenant Pouvoir compter sur sa femme Bianca. La seule qui ne lui ait pas tourné le dos. This is the final commentary on this story. All fans are still skeptical.

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