Kanye West Offers $20 Yeezys and People Accept

Kanye West wants to prove he can live after Adidas? Pour son premier coup de communication depuis la fin de sa cooperation with equipmentthe rapper didn’t want to write down codes and do it very well.

Let’s start on February 11th after the États-Unis Super Cup final. Parmi les nombreuses advertises large implementation budgets, dissipates in the pause, this is the place that sorts the multitude. Il s’agit de cellu du rapper and fashion creator. From production to millions of dollars in just a 30-second video tour with your smartphone. The rapper said that Yeezy items can be purchased on the brand’s website for $20 (about 18 euros). Knowing that these pieces initially sell for hundreds of dollars, in the absence of long-term outages, the site becomes so devalued.

In a post on Instagram, Kanye West says that this ad allows him to earn 19.3 million dollars in 24 hours (that’s 18 million euros). If an investor invested $7 million (about €6.5 million) to run a Super Bowl ad, the return on investment is significant.

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