Kanye West on the difficulty of filling his rooms

(Paris) Surprise: More than 24 hours after Kanye West’s performance, relaxing among Kanye West’s best daytime spots in Paris, American rap accompaniment is heard due to controversy and disappointment.

On the website of the producer of French spectacles, as well as 780 tickets for Bercy (Accor Arena) for après-midi.

This does not mean that the hall will not be automatically configured for 20,000 seats. More on the contrary, Beyoncé, New Year’s Eve or DJ Snake, in 2025, at the Stade de France (80,000 seats) in a few minutes.

Ye paye sans doute une annonce late – Samedi sur ses réseaux – et le prix des places, from 90.50 euros (132 US dollars) (épuisée category) to 200.50 euros (293 US dollars).

The concept of this Listening Experienceit is a “unique immersive experience in the presence of the artist”, perhaps it will be read on the Bercy website, and the concert will be discussed in conversation, which may appeal to some fans.

The event is dedicated to the author of the latest album. Vultures 1, available after February 9, subject to service reports. Classée en tête des Palmarès americans, this discussion was developed with the son of compatriot Ty Doll $ign. There are many disputes in the spirit.

The continuity of Donna Summer, host of Disco Disparue in 2012, accuses Ye d’avoir échantillonné sans Authorization son succès I feel love. The name in question is Okay (don’t die)This is the version on Spotify and is not available on that platform.

Kanye West also addressed the social media of Ozzy Osbourne, leader of the metal band Black Sabbath. The rocker spoke about the unauthorized distribution of the song Hombre de Hierroone of six iconic titles to win the promotional event for its February debut in Chicago.

Ozzy Osbourne explains how he denied the chant in an interview with Ye, car c’est “anti-Semitic.” Kanye West apologized to the juvenile community in December after anti-Semitic suggestions managed to spark outrage and ultimately led to commercial deals between great brands like Adidas and the rapper.

You dit vouloir travailler sur la questions et “learn from this experience in order to gain greater sensitivity and understanding in the future. The declaration was adopted with caution within the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an important American group fighting anti-Semitism.

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