Kanye West Posts Adorable Message To Celebrate His Woman’s Anniversary!

In honor of the new woman’s anniversary, Kanye West is a sais clavier that will bring a beautiful message on Instagram.

Kanye West is back in love. The rapper opened his life with Bianca Censori, with whom he completely saw Kim Kardashian. Comme l’atteste ce beau message is addressed to the new company for the son’s birthday. MCE TV tells you from A to Z.

Couple looking for a route

After a year of divorce-related complications, Kanye West has finally turned the page. “Artist 46 years without paratha plus essayist on conquest” Kim Kardashian has four children.

Ce dernier reste néanmoins proche de son ex femme, car les deux partagent la garde de leur progéniture. Et d’ailleurs, les choices ne se passent pas toujours au mieux. Kanye West Rendrite challenging co-parenting in Guerera for influence 43 years. The rapper actually believed that he would be a better parent if he were a former comrade.

The situation lasts longer than Kim Kardashian, who does her best for le bien-être de North, Saint, Chicago et Psalm. You don’t want to be stopped.

Nowadays, when retro love has arisen, he wants to be the new dad. In the list of his latest chansons “Timbo Freestyle” the artist gives the impression of a sane viewer.

“You save me, let me be impulsive. Another child rests on my deeper subject”, chante ainsi l’auteur de ce hit. Desorme Maria with Bianca Censori, Kanye West left such an impression that this is a series.

Cela fait en effet un momento que you love this cheerful blonde who resembles the beauty Kim Kardashian. More comparisons available. Bianca’s car is everything that contradicts Kim. This is dernière – architecture and the desire for freedom of action.

Kanye West spoke about the problem he will have in his new company

Regarding Kanye West’s second marriage, the source explains: “This is the first marriage that takes place in front of the camera. Bianca and Louis have completely different optics. “Ils sont très privés”, a story about an artist friend of mine who helps me sort my album better.”

However, cela n’empêche pas Ye se devoiler publicement son amour à sa bien-aimée, when the opportunity arises. And this is the same day as January 6th. on the occasion of the anniversary of Bianca Censori.

Southern Instagram, Kanye West has never managed to post a beautiful message in the 29 years of his company’s existence.. ” Joyeux anniversaire à la plus belle muse, symbolic, super mechanical, talented artist and inspiring. Master of Architecture, 140 years old, I intend to spend all the days in a month when my world goes on tour. Ainsi qu’à la belle-mère la the incroyable pour nos enfants. I love you, thank you for living with me”to écrit le rappeur.

This message will undoubtedly be at the forefront of major interests. Malgre le fait que Kanye West is irreconcilable with herBianca Censori is the main character paired with a multimillionaire star. Le bonheur est donc fait pour durer entre les deux Tourtereaux.

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