Kanye West says he won’t miss Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl ban

Kanye West says he will no longer ban Taylor Swift from the Super Bowl. Rumor has it that the flair at London’s great sports date last accompanied the pop star, who supported the Kansas City team, the team of the son of the beloved Travis Kelce, as well as the rapper, who is now gone.

It’s one Brandon Marshall, an ex-NFL player who started this theory on a podcast. Paper route. Celon Louis, Kanye West is in the reserve seats where Taylor Swift’s box just appeared, and cele-si aurait is under pressure to bounce back. “This rumor is fabricated from pieces,” a Ye à representative later confirmed. Forbes. “Ce n’est pas vrai. »

Queens en de Bruille

This rumor probably still hasn’t hit the silver lining because it was never buried between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. In the best evidence of the famous 2009 MTV Music Video Awards, when the last few rappers took the stage, Taylor Swift was considered to have won over Beyoncé.

In 2016 it was renamed a sofa with famous. In a fit of delusions of grandeur, “Don’t Make a Secret,” Kanye West abandoned the song’s premiere lines: “I feel the impression that Taylor and I are on Devright Coach’s ensemble. Pourquois? I think I made this salope famous. »

The difference between previous years and Kanye West, Taylor Swift is a place where the world’s great music stars pass at different tempos, as well as the sounds of other conversations in the future.

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