Kanye West turned this architecture into a “trophy nu de mauvais goût”? They stop resisting

Bianca Censori’s father hopes to have fun with Kanye West, her girl’s love, the father of the rapper who is her family’s girlfriend, and turns her into a “vulgar march”, according to various sources.

This demand interferes with the Yeezy architect, Bianca Censori, 29, and this is a naked photo of a pair of clear dinner bars with a musical dispute, 46, in Paris and in France, at a later time.

From messages published in DailyMail, he stated that Bianca’s family is “blessed” with her voice as a “trophy” and he demanded to comment whether Kanye would sense a future if the man treats his girls, North and Chicago, with a même manière attitude.

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“Bianca’s dad, Leo, look at him walking out with Kanye and Louis demanding that he walk past Bianca’s tête-losquale-faith parade like a trophy pony and vulgar,” a source who passed through Yeezy’s architect told Not Le Père est le frère d’un Tueur de Gangs Notoire.

He demands Kanye do what he does when he’s up north or in Chicago in public, and that’s the exact source of the memes.

When Kanye was a father, Kanye didn’t allow himself to be the girls who made his image; he doesn’t know what it is that encourages doing this for a woman.

“Aucun man ne devrait never encourages a woman who wants to be in public and be represented there. This is not a pas de la mour. “C’est du contrôle” so you can appreciate the source at DailyMail.

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Kanye, who married Bianca in a private ceremony in December 2022, is also accused of being “excluded” from his family in Australia.

Kanye wants to be bothered by the idea of ​​his beloved father wanting to meet, but maybe that’s past those troubling times.

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Leo faced the fact of prison after learning that in 1982 he managed to find out about the possession of the heroine, a crime in order to relive the past in the barro.

Leo is convicted of possessing a pistol and ammunition in an envelope.

In addition, Leo is the brother of Eris Censori, the famous gang lover nicknamed “Al Capone of Melbourne”, who was sentenced to death for the death, but was not the man who lived in a room in prison and rivaled.

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