Kanye West unveils his new $850,000 titanium teeth

eccentricity – A titanium prosthesis installed permanently in the bouches du rapper, and this does not mean that he will retire

Rapper Kanye West posted an action-packed Instagram story about his latest acquisition: titanium dentures. After information Daily mailThe gold item cost $850,000, which is 800,000 euros.

The soulful meme artist in the video, who is the prosthetic of outstanding dogs, is not the rapper-machinist “Rekina”, the famous mechanic of the saga James Bond. But in this aspect, it is a recurring character that came as a surprise to the audience.

Dental ablation

Find mutual understanding Washington Post, the prosthesis is fixed and not ready to be written off, as it will be closed with a regular grille. Anyway, the artist at the dent ablation site is telling some fans that he may have an abortion.

But if we are talking about a star, do not make proposals related to mutual understanding. Daily mail“Ye (nouveau nom du chanteur, NDLR) s’est fait puter la plus grande party des dents jusqu’à ce qu’elles ne soient plus que de petites pierres tombales, ce qui est la procédure Standard pour(…) Lire southern suite 20 minutes

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