Karla Camacho premiered ‘always naughty’ and prepares her special, interview

Karla Camacho began her career as a comedian a few years ago, which is why the fruit of her work begins to be evident, especially since On January 14, he premiered two functions at the Lunario del Auditorio Nacional of his show ‘Always Naughty’same as it was sold out at night time.

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Karla Camacho reflects her personality and charisma through each of her projects, since the same name as his Show It is not a coincidence, because it reflects in itself a part of the way in which it allows itself to be guided. in almost every aspect of your life.

“In the midst of a fashion for speaking in English, then it ended up being naughty, because according to me that’s how naughty is translated in English, which obviously isn’t and well, I feel that naughty is always the attitude I try to have, like it’s fun, Well, always be here as good as the attitude with which the show goes up”

Karla Camacho prepares for her special

Also, after around four years of career, Karla prepares to record what will be her comedy special, which is why her show ‘Always Naughty’ it worked as a kind of test for what could be his biggest project of 2023, which would unite all the jokes he has written since he started in the world of stand up.

“The show that I have is the compilation of all the jokes that I have written throughout the four years that I have been in my career and part of what I want to show in the Lunario is what will end in the special. So the Lunario show is like a pre for the special, that my plan is to record it this year and then let this come out ”

The 27-year-old Mexican comedian has found inspiration in each of her colleagues and now friendssince although more and more are integrated into this industry, there are standoperos who built a solid foundation for this sphere to develop in Mexico.

“I love Alex Fernández very much and the last time I went to a show it kind of made me think a lot about oh, that’s how the show has to be, just like Richi is an excellent comedian and I also love him very much. When I saw their shows, it kind of makes me understand how a show has to be done, like it’s a story that tells something, but well, he puts jokes in there, different themes, so I think it’s the two of them, well, they’re the ones I admire the most and that I love a lot”

Although there are many more male comedians than females, Karla is optimistic about the future that she can take within the stand upsince your brand creates a difference with what was previously conceived in this industry.

“I know we are few, but more and more opportunities are opening up and there are more girls who are trying to stand up, so it’s okay”

Goals of Karla Camacho

Finally, Karla plans to continue expanding her career in different areassuch as to be able to do dubbing, as well as also for concentrating on her special, which could lead her to have a tour outside the country.

“I would like to act, do dubbing, more things. I feel that the range of the professional and well-prepared comedian not only does stand up, but also knows how to act, how to interpret, write, script, be able to do dubbing and I always think that the more prepared you are, the more opportunities you will have and, well, the more you will grow up and know comedy or how to interpret it and they are also tools that help you on stage”

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