Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Hailey Bieber… The most beautiful fashion watches

DES MONTRE AND DES STARS (4/5) – Minimalist lines, brilliant frames or calibers with beautiful measuring instruments… Passage en revue de l’horlogerie fétiche des supermodeles des années 1990 et des vedettes d’aujourd’hui.

Tuesday, September 15, 1998. At 116 Green Street in SoHo, in the heart of New York City, the party is full. After being nominated for the Louis Vuitton women’s collection, American Marc Jacobs won the “Magasin du Malletier” award at the Manhattan branch. Parmi le parterre d’invités, Kate Moss: 1992–1994, l’anti-rêve américain, link le createur le temps d’un cliche. Au poignet de “la brindille”, the French tank Cartier, a model that, two spears out of two and plus everything, met with the successful franc. Avec son allure sportive, metal bracelet, solid, form-fitting and radical, with an inscription in the style of the minimalism of the moment, created by creators such as Calvin Klein, Jil Sander, Helmut Lang and Donna Karan.

Pas étonnant donc, que les mannequins l’adorent, Telle sa consœur, compatriot et penny, supermodel Naomi Campbell, également unconditionnelle de la Tank Française et de la Panthère Vendome de Cartier. ” In the years 1990, there is a clock on the top of the mannequins. “, Pointe Brynn Wallner on Instagram @dimepiece. Ne serait-ce que pour des des des de praticité, puisque le smartphone does not exist, c’est encore vers son poignet que l’on se Tourne pourer l’heure. Mais aussi et surtout parce que le sector de l’horlogerie, comme celui du parfum, s’arrache les mannequins en vogue pour en faire leurs égéries. In the midst of the nineties, Claudia Schiffer brought Chanel to life for some commercials dedicated to the famous holidays Première, Matelassé et Mademoiselle (the blonde dyed her hair in three and 20 years ago from J12, an icon of the watch house). At that very moment, in 1995, Cindy Crawford signed a contract with Omega, where she is today her entire partner, servicing the home of her daughter Kaia Gerber. ” It is difficult to know whether these filles are carrying awake montres or cells that do not contain ambassadors for contracts.“, Pursuit Brynn Wallner.

Long mannequins on XXL watches

This is not the case of Australian Elle Macpherson, this is “The Body” who, like most of the staff, adopts men’s Rolex models, particularly the Daytona and Sky-Dweller. Lançant ainsi bien avant l’heure la mode des montres d’hommes portées lâches aux poignets feminins, histoire de “s’attacher” un peu de pouvoir. Another leading figure of the decade, Christie Brinkley, never shot with a Rolex, une Explorer II. Photo from 1990: “Immortalized Hair” in the perfect embodiment of the American cowboy: chambray shirt, business jeans, hat, massive leather skirt… And a big montre.

Kate Moss, Cartier’s French Tank watch in her poinier, brought creator Marc Jacobs to Manhattan in 1998.
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The top Australian model Elle Macpherson is the toughest of men’s watches. Ici, in New York in 1992.
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The past years and these accessories were not valued in the past, but vice versa. Au Tournant du Millénaire, plus the temperature in the garden is impressive, mieux c’est. The XXL models released by Michael Kors in America were a hit with the general public. In the “rosy slippers” or “evening hours” mode, this is not uncommon, but it is not a plus for the famous five-hour zone of master Jacob Arabo. Under the pseudonym Jacob and Co., he became rap and hip-hop stars wearing necklaces sur mure, diamonds and other pier-encrusted mountains. Create a backup environment to collect funds for protection and good luck.

In the era, assuming that the genre of the model is vrai parti pris, une façon de Montrer, que l’on du stylerappel Brynn Wallner. That’s how “cool” you see the contrast between these long mannequins and the XXL watches.

Brynn Wallner on Instagram @dimepiece

Top German Claudia Schiffer and her Tank de Cartier signing autographs in 1992.
Getty Images
Naomi Campbell in New York in 1990, in the garden of the Panthère Vendôme de Cartier.
Ron Galella, LLC / Ron Galella Collection via Getty

The commercial use for the 2002 premiere (last $5,500 of the era) is the Five Time Zones, among the central eagles, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Paris clocks from last year, in four small frames of different colors. . At this moment, this garden pace seduces the most famous: Jay-Z, Bono, Pharrell Williams and, in fashion, Gisele Bündchen. In May 2002, the latest invasion of the pages of Elle magazine – on the shoulders of a sculpture of Naomi Campbell in a varied bikini – styled by Carlene Cerf de Dudzeele, photographed by Gilles Bensimon. “In the era, assuming that the genre of the model is vrai parti pris, une façon de Montrer, que l’on du stylerappel Brynn Wallner.It’s also “cool” to see the contrast between these long mannequins and the XXL frames.» In recent years, Five Time Zones has become a symbol of recovery, and cell phones have become a colorful lifestyle, replete with colorful four-piece blankets, Juicy Couture velor for jogging, and faded patches of logos.

Aujourd’hui, les garde-temps ont retréci

Autre temps, autres mœurs… After a while, les montres des mannequins ont retréci au point qu’outre- Atlantique, les professionals parlent parlent desormais de “tiny watches” for the designers of these models advertising fins appreciated by Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Ces jeunes femmes also has an influence, the trend of “nepo baby” (ce terme qui designe les enfants de célébrités que somes accusent de jouer de la notoriété de leurs parents for arriving at leurs fins), a special affection for the Panthère de Cartier and la Royal Oak d’ Audemars Piguet pour la première, la Baignoire (toujours chez Cartier) for the second. I expected that the great examples of watchmaking today rest on the encore des valeurs sûres…”A watch is a simple accessory that completes the “tenue plus qu’une véritable” way of demarcation.“, analyzes Brynn Wallner.

Professionals disappointed by “little tiny watches” for the designers of these models promoting fins appreciated by Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner

Brynn Wallner on Instagram @dimepiece

Seoul Hailey Bieber, fashion model/influencer/women in business, has 50.7 million followers on Instagram and is a mainstay of Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, who is the son of playing games. The choice is Nautilus from Patek Philippe, Lady DateJust from Rolex, as well as Royal Oak (encore elle) from Audemars Piguet in a mini version, souvent rehaussée de diamants, la jeune femme fait preuve d’un goût confirmation. “Même si ce sont des montres que tout le monde connaîtin honor of a Dimepiece fan.Le simple fait de choisir des petites pièces jusqu’alors néligées prouve qu’elle s’y connaît.“And regarding the son, who had a huge influence on the younger generation, which is deciphered in the menu of my days, les horlogers peuvent lui dire merci!

Kendall Jenner on the streets of Los Angeles in 2023, wearing the Cartier Bathroom in Poignets.
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Hailey Bieber and her vintage Patek Philippe Nautilus in Los Angeles, 2023.
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