Kate Winslet to star in new HBO series Regime

Mode: political series with Kate Winslet

Devoilée il ya little week HBO Maxannouncement of a new series Mode Now we have the ports of a political universe full of tension, au sein dukel une Kate Winslet invulnerable tempts the Rens. The office of the modern European totalitarian regime, this is the latest use of tricks and redoubled efforts to support the son and trust in its homologues, to the extent that it is the property of the government.

imperiale, Kate Winslet Arpente les couloirs et les salons dorés d’un luxueux palais, épaules droites et view fier, toujours vêtue d’un Tailleur impeccable, alors même que tout, autour d’elle, semble s’effondrer. Sold at par Stephen Frears and etc. Jessica Hobbsconnoisseurs of political drama appropriate to the film’s origins Queen (2006) and others. Confident royal (2017) and the head of the series “War”. Crownsix episodes Mode This event created an explosive cocktail of elite rivalry and diplomatic relations on the tour. A passionate intrigue that appears to combine political themes as it looks at the series’ renewed connections. Continuitynot two scenes and products, Will Tracey and etc. Frank Richsont également aux manettes de cette nouvelle Production, until March 4, 2024.

Amazing casting with Hugh Grant, Matthias Schoenaerts, Andrea Riseborough…

These episodes straddle the line between dystopia and political satire, with a retro Côte deux style. Kate Winslet a casting that is also amazing and prestigious. French actor Guillaume Gallien play the role of the son of époux et le Belge Matthias Schoenaerts incarnera son garde du corps, cruel and unclear. About the également retrover Hugh provideat the beginning of the coup d’etat in anticipation of the gang announcement Modewho navigates the world of a political rival’s leader, actress Martha Plimptonwhich transfers the Secretary of State of the States-unis or encore Andrea Riseborough.

Kate Winslet, star of the big and small screen

Alors qu’elle brille sur les décors des plus grandes Productions cinématographiques depuis plus de vingt ans, Kate Winslet Semble aujourd’hui miser sur le succès grandissant des series – à l’image notamment de Nicole Kidman. Star of the Indelible Titanic (1997) and brilliant Holiday (2006), the 48-year-old actress has recently focused her talents on the small screen, starring in 2022 as a police inspector in the series Mare from Easttownbefore returning to the poster in 2024 Mode Don, don’t make the first foray for 4 Mars. Kate Winslet’s most exciting project for this new loveless anniversary in cinema. In fact, the British actress will be the heroine of a biopic called read talking about the fucked up and tragic life of an American photographer and fashion model read Miller (1907-1977). An ambitious project worthy of an Oscar…

Mode (2024) with Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant, available March 4, 2024 on HBO Max.

Banda announcement of the film “Regime” (2024).

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