Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr pose together without Orlando Bloom on the red carpet at G’Day USA

The singer Katy Perry and the model Miranda Kerr have wanted to break a spear in favor of friendship between the ex-partners of the actors and the current couples. Both have left hand in hand on the red carpet of the 20th Annual G’Day USA Art Gala held in Los Angeles (California) and have declared that the information that they claim that they get along badly is not true.

Katy Perry is engaged to actor Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr’s ex-husband, and with whom she shares her 2-year-old daughter Daisy Dove. For her part, the model and Bloom have a common son, Flynn Bloom, 12 years old. In her remarks on the carpet this weekend, both Perry and Kerr have been proud to be part of the family they have.

Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr at the 20th Annual G'Day USA Art Gala held in Los Angeles

Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr at the 20th Annual G’Day USA Art Gala held in Los Angeles


The hit singer like california girls either Firework and the former Victoria’s Secret model appeared together and showed unity at the annual G’Day USA Art Gala. Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr have Orlando Bloom in common in their lives, the singer is engaged to the model’s ex-husband. For this reason, both have had to read in many American media various news about their supposed rivalry, a fight that, as they wanted to make clear, does not resemble reality.

Katy Perry chose a gold outfit from the Australian brand Zimmerman, and Miranda Kerr, who opted for a white sleeveless cocktail dress. Perry’s look consisted of a metallic bra and matching ballgown-style skirt. The 38-year-old singer completed her outfit with gold bracelets, gold earrings and a glamorous hairstyle.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the opening of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the opening of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles


For her part, Miranda Kerr, 39, accessorized her outfit with sparkling silver earrings and silver shoes, and styled her brown hair into classic curls.

With these ‘looks’ both decided to appear together on the red carpet of the gala where Kerr was recognized with the award for Excellence in the Arts. “Some of you may be confused as to why I’m featuring Miranda. That doesn’t fit the old ex-wives/new-wives narrative,” Perry stated in her vindication.


The model Miranda Kerr and her partner, the actor Orlando Bloom


“And yes, it’s true, most of the media would like to see us angry, including Miranda’s current husband Evan Spiegel. But we are here to show the love and appreciation we have for each other because Miranda is love. And like many of you You know, love comes in many forms in the family,” the singer continued her speech.

Likewise, Katy Perry wanted to emphasize that she is very grateful for the family she has formed with Orlando Bloom and, consequently, Miranda Kerr. “It’s like she’s gained another sister, one I usually talk to privately from the main family chat and I agree,” the singer concluded her statement on Saturday.


Katy Perry at the 2022 Met Gala


A big family

Kerr and Bloom were married from 2010 to 2013 and have a 12-year-old son, Flynn Bloom, together. Later, the actor and Katy Perry began their relationship in 2016, and although they broke up the following year, they managed to reconcile and have been engaged since 2019. In addition, they have a daughter in common, Daisy Dove, 2 years old. For her part, the model is and her husband, Snapchat mogul Evan Spiegel, 32, have been married since 2017 and share two children: Hart, 4, and Myles, 3.

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