Katy Perry, Salma Hayek… these stars who become brides or married couples on Valentine’s Day

Pair of Solen V

C’est la Saint-Valentine! This is a holiday for celebrity couples who celebrate the holiday of love as if they were doing it themselves, and it seems special.

February 14, 2024 Saint Valentine Accueille son lot de papillons dans le ventre. Et quoi de plus romantique que de se dire oui en cette de l’amour? You may not have escaped, but more stars become famous on this day if they are special among the grooms or groomsmen of the occasion. While some people prefer a good restaurant, a snack bar with chandeliers in the house or a bar of chocolate, others choose big holidays and a union for life. Et chez Melty, regarding the decision of what will be good A little retrospective of all the stars who die married on Valentine’s Day. Il y en a bien plus que ce que tuth think!

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are grooms in the spirit of Valentine’s Day

Premier couple on Valentine’s Day: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. The singer and actor Señor de Anno made their debut in the idyll in 2016. And it’s not like three years later, he decided that he would become a groom. In February 2019, the “Fireworks” performer will be released. flower-shaped diamond baguette to your subscribers on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Sur Jimmy Kimmel Live, Katy Perry and the story of a special moment with his love: “Our somms have lunch there, and I think we all eat art after lunch. Even more new news related to the helicopter ». Mais le clou du spectacle has already happened after completion. “Our champagne bottles in the helicopter and an empty box in the bag”, explain the singer’s bathroom. On my own behalf, I will tell you: Orlando Bloom did not make his choice!

Salma Hayek wearing her favorite Valentine’s pendant

Katy Perry was no longer the only one who wished she was the son of Valentine’s favorite pendant. Salma Hayek I also celebrated the festival of love with great fanfare. C’est avec l’homme d’affaires Francois-Henri Pinault She was married on February 14, 2009. Et quoi de mieux que Paris, city of love, pour se dire oui pour la vie? This is the effect in the French capital: the actress and son Marie Ont pose for a celebration of their civil union. This is a bathroom in Venice, where the celebration of love with other words. Paroxysm of romance!

Elton John, Christina Aguileira and other friends!

Et parmi les stars, bien d’autre ont choisi ce jour spécial qu’est la Saint-Valentin for se marier or se fianic. This is an example case Benedict Cumberbatch, who married Sophie Hunter on 14 February 2015. Who, moreover, is in the frame très très très idyllique et romantique, knowing the medieval church of St. Peter and St. Paul, located in Mottistone in the village of Île-de-White. The son of a cat, the planetary singer conducts reconnaissance for his cult songs, Elton John, she married Renata Blauel on February 14, 1984 in Australia. The union, which is an abuse, broke up four years later, so the artists came out. Valentine’s Day 2009 is the most special occasion for Harrison Fordaka Han Solo performed by star Wars. In fact, the actor is fiancé to his beloved Calista Flockhart after September and is in a relationship. Everyone come Christina Aguileirawho became famous for having a love fest with Matthew Rutler in 2014. Et on est persuadé qu’on en a oublié…

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