Kendall Jenner generously shares her advice on future fashion models… Photos of Celine Dion can be found on Instagram…

Fil des stars – All current people in “20 minutes”

April 16, 2024

Kevin Costner will star in his own film with Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth played a role in Kevin Costner’s film project. More for the actor Thor, it’s a frosty shower. A implementer who prefers another actor… lui-même!

“I’m waiting for a movie, a script that I love and appreciate, and I hate: ‘I want this role.’ Puis quelqu’un a dit: “Kevin Costner in this role.” Je suis dit: “Bon sang! L’autre jour, j’ai passé une heure à essayer de le convaincre!” “- told Entertainment Tonight about Elsa Pataky’s creation. The chain is peut-être!

Le fils de Céline Dion fait des heureux sur Instagram

Kendall Jenner generously shares her tips for future mannequins

The fashion world can be wonderful for young girls, but it can also be cutthroat. Lors du dernier video series episode Beauty secrets Vogue’s Kendall Jenner recalls her propres debuts, saying she was “if she’s shy and nervous.” Sister Kim Kardashian can also use her son’s experience to give advice to modeling hopefuls, noting that “une très bonnelation avec elles-mêmes.” I thought that qu’il peut s’agir d’un an inimitable environment. “Il ne faut pas prendre les chooses trop à cœur,” says the 28-year-old woman.

Pour la star de télé(…) Watch the suite for 20 minutes.

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