Kendall Jenner remembers her ex Devin Booker at the 2024 Super Bowl!

Kendall Jenner attends the Super Bowl, her big moment with Usher. Elle retro pendant from ex Devin Booker at the party!

Like Justin Bieber, who loves Hailey and has a good reputation among celebrities, Kendall Jenner will be present at the 2024 Super Bowl. Retrospective son of ex Devin Booker. MCE TV vous raconte donc advertises from A to Z.

The Super Bowl was unanimous

The Americans attended this event three times. This year, the biggest stars are not part of Usher’s performance. Pres Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift aged Gradins Pour Soutenir Son Cheri.

Ce dernier jouait pour les Kensas City Chiefs. This is the team that reported the match! For my son Usher, Justin Bieber and a loved one on a date. Kendall Jenner in swimsuits.

123.4 million viewers in the US watch the Super Bowl. The report calls for a 7% increase by 2023. “CBS Sports’ coverage of the 58th Super Bowl (…) is the most respected story with a total audience of 123.4 million fans. »

And this is on all platforms such as CBS Television Network, Univisionn Paramount+. Ainsi Nickelodeon, CBS Sports and the NFL. Kendall Jenner evaluate this event. Elle a puuver qu’elle et son ex-petit-ami Devin Booker sont en bons termes.

And pour the reason! Ils sont Retrouvés ce dimanche au Super Bowl 2024. Près d’un peu plus after separationKendall Jenner – three o’clock on Sunday. After climbing down the rope, the couple decided to separate by the end of 2022.

A suite with a wonderful history of two years. Small gap, Kendall Jenner and his son were not in battle, bien au contraire. Même s’ils n’étaient passis l’un à côté de l’autre, ils sont restés Courtois, l’un envers l’autre.

Retro courtesies of Kendall Jenner and ex-sons

Source Claiming Kendall Jenner and Son Were Very Good in the Past break of good agreement. ” I value and respect people and others. More information on how to focus on two carriers.

Vanguard who “All two are working very responsibly at the moment. Alors ils ont décidé d’en faire une priority. Ils ont beaucoup d’amour and de respect l’un pour l’autre. Et ne souhaitent que le meilleur. »

C’est donc la raison pour laquelle ils ne se sont pas ignored pendant la soirée. The beauty Kendall Jenner can only celebrate this grand event. Basically, she wears a white T-shirt. Ainsi Qun three simple makeup looks.

Ainsi qu’une para de boucles d’oreilles et des lunettes de sunil black qu’elle posait sur ses cheveux. During the evening, she posed on the face of Will Makris. From Son Côté the athlete wears a black hood and one red and beige striped shirt.

Sachez, who was different Kendall Jenner also at the rendezvous. In fact, Bad Bunny was also present at Super Bowl LVIII.

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