Khloe Kardashian shows off her razor-sharp red fingernails in new photos despite critics saying they’re ‘dangerous’ for her baby

KHLOE Kardashian is facing backlash after showing off her long fingernails in photos from a recent party as fans express concern.

Some wonder how the Good American co-founder could take care of her newborn baby with such long and pointy nails.

The reality TV star recently welcomed a second child, this time via surrogate


Khloe recently posed for a photo with podcaster Colt Paulsen at an event.

In the first of two photos, the Kardashians star pursed her lips for the camera as Colt smiled while in the second they exchanged expressions.

Fans were more focused on Khloe’s bright red fingernails in the photos, noting the danger they could pose to her son.

The mum-of-two put a hand on her shoulder in the snaps, holding her phone in such a way that her fingers rested on her shoulder.

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Khloe has sported long nails for many years, never wavering.

Fans had a lot to say about her decision to wear the long style, even after welcoming a baby.

Earlier this month, Khloe stepped out for a night out in Malibu days after her surrogate reportedly gave birth.

She showed off her curves in a tight black mini dress, but fans were distracted by her nails.

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On a social media thread, one reviewer wrote, “These claws,” along with a crying face emoji.

Another said: “That’s one thing I don’t understand. How do you carefully wipe a little ass or a little boogie or touch a newborn’s face with giant claws? »

Another slammed the TV star: ‘It’s a sign she’s not personally looking after the baby. »

“Definitely dangerous,” added another.

Fans also noticed the moment of the Hulu star’s meal at Nobu Restaurant in Malibu.

One wrote: ‘I can’t imagine leaving your two day old baby at home and going out! You really treat it like a possession. »

Another asked, “Why wouldn’t you be at home trying to bond with your baby when you weren’t even the one carrying him?! I can’t for the life of me understand that. Babies are just props to these people. »

In July, Khloe’s rep confirmed reports that The Kardashians star was expecting her second baby with ex Tristan Thompson.

They already share True, their four-year-old daughter.

The Chicago Bulls star has four children from three different women.

Khloe’s exit soon after welcoming her second baby has sparked wild theories from fans.


Following the aforementioned outing, fans flocked to Reddit to react, with some attacking Khloe for neglecting her parenting duties.

One particularly harsh reviewer commented on the thread: “For example, the baby is about 5 days old and she is caught wearing a ‘bodycon black dress’ for a night out”, while others noted ‘clues’ which have given way to a strange theory.

Some Reddit users have speculated that the TV star may not be raising her own baby.

According to one Reddit user’s outrageous theory: “The baby was just taken from a woman who was basically rented for nine months and when placed with her genetic mother, she was immediately dumped for a dinner and it is a clear clue to him that he will be partially raised by a nanny all his life. »

They continued, “He’s basically a part-time responsibility for Khloe and I’m not saying that to be mean, because that’s how kids are when you’re so rich. This goes for all the sisters.

“The only thing that gives me some hope is the good things I’ve heard about how Khloe treats True’s nanny and how involved she seems to be compared to Kim and Kourtney. »

The Reddit user added, “He certainly won’t be raised by Tristan either, at least not fairly.

“Because giving 3/4 kids your full attention makes you an unfair parent, even to the three you’re involved with, by nature showing your favorites and forcing them to find another way to meet Theo. »

Other fans were quick to agree, sharing their own thoughts and adding to the speculation on the wire.

Other haters have accused Khloe of using her child as a “prop” or script for her family’s new Hulu series, The Kardashians.

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One commenter suggested the baby is “a doll she can pick up when needed”, adding, “I suspect she hasn’t done the work to bond with this baby. »

Another speculated: “Are she and Kylie TWO saving their babies for a big reveal on the show? I have the impression that is the case. So messed up to use kids like that. »

A few days after the baby arrived, she was seen sporting long, pointy fingernails


Khloe and Tristan welcomed the baby boy together despite their split


The couple are also parents to daughter True


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