Killer blenders? Walmart and Costco recall blenders, putting users at risk | News from Mexico

USA.- BlendJet Inc left the market. about 4.8 million blenders BlendJet 2 laptops due to issues reported by users.

Portable blenders are sold in Costco, Walmart, Target and other major retailers in the US (EU), as well as online on the company’s website.

There have been complaints about broken bladesoverheating and fires resulting in minor injuries, property damage and safety issues that were sold between October 2022 and November 2023.

The recall was conducted in conjunction with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and also affects more than 110,000 blenders sold in the US. Canada.

The company said it received 329 reports of broken blades, 17 reports of overheating or fireThere were 49 reports of minor burns and one report of lacerations.

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BlendJet issued a statement confirming its commitment to quality and safety of its products. They acknowledged the shortcomings of some BlendJet 2 units and said they had improved the blades and electrical settings in later models.

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