Kim Jong-un monitored the test of a submarine-launched cruise missile

Kim Jong-un takes part in a submarine-launched cruise missile test at an undisclosed location in North Korea in this image released by the Korean Central News Agency on January 28, 2024. KCNA via Reuters

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un inspects the test launch of a new strategic cruise missile from a submarineThe latest move by the nuclear-armed state to escalate tensions, state media said on Monday.

two missiles Pulhwasal-3-31 “They flew in the sky over the East Sea to reach the island target,” the state news agency reported on Sunday. KCNASaying that Kim Jong-un had “guided” the launch.

He Pulhwasal-3-31 It is a new generation of strategic cruise missile, Pyongyang said it tested for the first time on Wednesday by firing multiple missiles into the Yellow Sea.

sunday submarine test “It has no impact on the security of the neighboring country and has nothing to do with the regional situation.”The report continued, saying that Kim “expressed great satisfaction” at the launch.

South Korea’s military said Sunday it had detected cruise missiles fired in waters around the Sinpo area in the north.

Pyongyang has stepped up weapons testing in the new year, including tests of an “underwater nuclear weapons system” and a solid fuel hypersonic ballistic missile.

A TV screen shows an image of a North Korean missile launch during a news program at a railway station in Seoul, South Korea, on Sunday, Jan. 28, 2024. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-jun)

Unlike their ballistic counterparts, Cruise missile tests are not prohibited under existing UN sanctions against Pyongyang,

Cruise missiles are jet-powered and fly at lower altitudes than more sophisticated ballistic missiles, making them more difficult to detect and intercept.

During the month, the North has intensified its weapons tests, including what it called “”.underwater nuclear weapons systemS” and a solid-fuel hypersonic ballistic missile.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff indicated that the launch was being analyzed by the South’s intelligence officials. usaAnd they are “closely monitoring other activities and activities of the regime.” Pyongyang.

After continued threats from North Korea, United States, South Korea and Japan Intensified their joint military exercises, described by Kim Jong-un attack rehearsaland improved its deterrent strategies based on US nuclear-capable assets.

The North Korean regime says its weapons are capable of carrying nuclear weapon And its strike range is up to 2,000 kilometers, which would also include US military bases in Japan.

The North Korean dictator attends a submarine-launched cruise missile test with military officials at an undisclosed location in North Korea in this image released by the Korean Central News Agency on January 28, 2024. KCNA via Reuters

Status of Korean Peninsula The situation has worsened in recent months, with both sides abandoning a key agreement to control tensions, beef up their border security and conduct live-fire exercises along the border.

Kim Jong-un recently declared the south as his territorymain enemy” and disbanded government agencies dedicated to promoting cooperation and reunification of the peninsula.

They also threatened war if Seoul violated even “0.001 millimeter” of its territory.

According to the agency, Kim also said his country would not recognize the de facto maritime border with the South and called for constitutional changes that would allow the North to “capture” South Korea in a war. KCNA,

In Seoul, the President yoon suk yeol Citing his military’s “tremendous response capabilities”, he told his Cabinet that in the event of provocation from the North, his country would respond “many times stronger”.

During the annual meeting of the Workers’ Party of Korea Central Committee in late 2023, Kim threatened a nuclear strike against the South and ordered to strengthen his country’s military arsenal for a “war” that could “flare up at any time.” Could.”

(With information from AFP)

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