Kim Kardashian accused of ‘controlling’ Pete Davidson

On May 2, the Met Gala took place in New York. On the red carpet, a shower of stars posed in front of the photographers who came to immortalize the outfits of the invited celebrities. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were obviously there. The reality star caused a stir in an iconic dress worn by Marilyn Monroe 60 years ago. A choice that caused a lot of talk, in particular because of the drastic diet that Kim Kardashian imposed on herself to be able to wear the piece by French couturier Jean-Louis Berthault. Behind the scenes, Pete Davidson was present to support his companion. But the couple’s behavior has some fans wondering.

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“In five months, it will be a simple accessory”

In a video clip posted on the Instagram account @kardashiansocial, we discover Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian a few hours before walking the red carpet. With a smile, the ex-wife of Kanye West then asks the comedian to remove his cap since he wears two, one on the other. She explains to him that if she finally decides to post images of this moment behind the scenes, she would like him to wear only one hat and invites him to give the other to a member of his team. What Pete Davidson ends up doing. A harmless scene strongly criticized on social networks.

Kim Kardashian has indeed been accused of wanting to control her new companion: “She does not let him be himself by wearing his two hats! (…) Everything revolves around the aesthetics of his Instagram account. In five months, it will be a simple accessory, ”writes a subscriber. Others have pointed to Kim Kardashian’s “passive-aggressive” behavior towards the one who shares her life: “She says she watches over him. But all you can see is that she’s controlling him and being selfish. “An opinion that is not shared by all. Many pointed out how in love the couple appeared in the video. Accustomed to being criticized on social networks, Kim Kardashian will certainly retain only this last aspect of the controversy.

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