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With her sculpted body and curvaceous figure, the model and businesswoman Kim Kardashian went beyond the beauty canon and managed to become the leader of many women nationally and internationally.

The celebrity, head of the Kardashian-Jenner ‘klan’, also got countless girls to dedicate themselves to using healthy habits, a life for well-being; to such a degree, forget about calories so that, based on squats, they could raise the buttocks thanks to her favorite exercise.

This way, had the opportunity to get an amazing waistline, focusing on the anatomy of the so-called “hourglass”always looking to boost energy in the gym, mentioned Hola.

What is Kim Kardashian’s favorite exercise?

Kim’s favorite exercise is the stair-climbing machine. The creator of the Reto48 methodology and co-founder, Sara Álvarez, asserted that “It is considered a low-impact machine, so our knees will not suffer so much knocking that we could have if we run or walk quickly in a runner”.

Detailed mechanism. “It creates some resistance, which makes the lower body muscles more toned than if we were doing it on a treadmill.”

The increase in muscular work was reiterated by the training manager of the Study District, Brian Ferreir. “The stairs are a greater challenge for our muscles compared to the treadmillthe latter being mainly oriented to cardiac work,” he said.

Climbing Machine Advantage

Metropolitan Galileo’s fitness coordinator, David Blázquez, added another benefit to using the stair-climbing machine. “This exercise, similar to the elliptical, has a much greater impact on the extensor muscles of the hip. and the knee (buttocks and quadriceps), making it a movement similar to pedaling a bicycle or a half squat while we work at the cardiorespiratory level (…)”.

To such a degree, Kim Kardashian’s favorite exercise “(…) allows the development of aerobic capacity and muscular resistance of the lower body.”

Sara, from her point of view, urges her to work her arms on the climb; “They will tone up little by little and even more if we do it with dumbbells”, she highlighted.

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