Kim Kardashian didn’t co-parent Kanye West?

Plus sources who admire Kanye West’s difficult collaboration with the son of Kim Kardashian’s ex!

Already last year, Kim Kardashian decided to serve time in her marriage to Kanye West. After a long marriage and children, the young woman ends her story. And the assembly itself is la coparentalité soit assez difficile entre eux.

Does Kim Kardashian know everything about Kanye West?

After Kim Kardashian divorced Kanye West, she cleared the air the next day on Friday. And those moments when I might die are not something you choose. Pas du tout l’air de s’arranger malgré le temps qui passe.

Three years after the breakup, it became known that the rapper ait du bad à faire chooses bien avec Kim Kardashian, aujet de leurs enfants. Et pour Cause, positive sources confirm that The artist wondered who the “best parent” was.

Avant d’indiquer that you expect very narcissistic behavior. Ainsi, the son of a former beautiful man, due to the fact that he fulfilled the agreement with Louis. And so on, pour leurs enfants North, Saint, Chicago et Psalm.

In an interview with The Sun, psychiatrist Dr Danielle McGraw spoke about parole in court. Elle a indicaqué surl’ex Kim Kardashian: ” He Kanye talks about narcissistic personality traits. And contain declarations of greatness, rights and aggression”.

Vanguard: “Il peut y avoir une incapacité à faire preuve d’empathie or à prendre en compte les kisses des autres. These traits can make co-parenting difficult.”. But this is not the same analysis.

La psy a revelé sur le rappeur: “This attack and other allegations against Kim Kardashian seem to reflect Kanye’s appearance as his best parent.”. And be sure that you do not shy away from such an attitude devant leurs enfants.

“I really respect reciprocity”

Expert on ex-Kim Kardashian: ” This is wrong Never take advice from the other parent. Devant les enfants ou, dans ce cas, sur une estrade public”. Regarding the suite, she gave him artist’s advice.

She also stated: “My best advice to Kanye and Kim is to learn how to parent the right family. Bien qu’ils ne soient pas toujours obligés de s’understand, il serait très utile de se respect for reciprocity”.

In conclusion, she made a good point: “Kanye allows Kim to be fair and flexible. Afin qu’elle puisse être parent in care ». You have chosen, of course, an artist who will help you arrange what you have chosen.

Il faut dire que, his son is divorcing Kim Kardashian, il ssemblerait d’aileurs que la communication, ait fin par se Tornre Entre Eux. The fans expect this from me les chooses what will happen to all my best.

D’autant plus que leurs enfants – a risky situation. The son of a cat, a candidate for reality television, who is expected, plus d’une fois qu’elle n’arrivait plus du tout à gérer son ex.

In the rematch, they are all waiting for Kanye West to return to his life. While descending the rope, the rapper decided to secretly marry Bianca Censori. A surprise for the whole world.

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