Kim Kardashian shares never-before-seen photos from Kourtney’s wedding!

Kim Kardashian shared some snaps from her sister Kourtney’s wedding. And the dresses were very dark from what you can see!

Kourtney Kardashian is surely the most rock and roll girl in the family. And she demonstrated it once again by remarrying her darling Travis Baker, a musician. And Kim Kardashian shared new photos from the wedding!

A new marriage for Kourtney

On May 15, Kourntey and Travis Baker said “yes” to Santa Barbara. And they didn’t have only two guests that day. There was the young woman’s maternal grandmother and Travis’ father. But this was the first ceremony.

This week, the real wedding took place. And they were getting married in a castle in Italy! Very romantic. Despite everything, we were very far from a gigantic marriage as one might have thought. There were very few people the closest.

Of course, Kim Kardashian was there with her children! A real happiness for her sister to see her happy. Kourtney wore that day a very short white dress close to the body with a huge veil. An outfit signed Dolce and Gabana!

The couple therefore said yes in a chapel near Portofino in Italy. And her dress shocked a bit because of its length. It must be said that in church, normally, we do not wear this kind of dress! But at the Kardashians, we don’t do everything like everyone else.

And it shows in the photos that Kim Kardashian shared on Instagram. The theme was definitely rock and roll. We can see the whole family dressed in black and lace! Almost gothic when you see the photos!

Kim Kardashian shares photos on Instagram

Basically, when we think of weddings we think of colors and cheerfulness. But here the theme was rather gothic. Kim Kardashian then wore a beautiful black dress with lace which made her stand out. With a large necklace of precious stones.

In short, this marriage was not ordinary, that’s for sure. But many people were making fun of Kourtney and her marriage on social media. And the detail that made the most talk was the portion of pasta during the meal!

Because yes, who says Italy, says pasta meal! And so the dish looked appetizing. But on a story by Kylie Jenner we could see that the guests only had a very small portion of tomato pasta. Which pissed everyone off.

It must be said that we expect more given the marriage. Afterwards, maybe it was just for the story! In short, in any case, in the photos of Kim Kardashian, the marriage seems to have gone well. And Kourtney’s sister believes in their union.

She then wrote “Kravis forever” in the caption of his photos. It must be said that from the beginning, the sister of the family believed in this marriage and in this love. We therefore wish Kourtney to have happy days with her brand new husband!

And from what we know, the young woman desperately trying to get pregnant. But this is more complex than expected.

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