Kim Kardashian: This North girl doesn’t know what SKKN products are!

Sur les reseaux sociaux, North West does not like SKKN brand products, Kim Kardashian’s mother!

Kim Kardashian proved that by the names of years she a real business woman. And the most important thing I can tell you is that there is already a person in your projects who is suitable for you. Il s’agit de sa fille North.

North tests Kim Kardashian products

On January 26, Kim Kardashian told her fans big news. It turned out that the cosmetics brand SKKN has been relaunched. A real surprise for fans who don’t pay attention to you.

North floor très contente de thiste nouvelle. The moment you decide to test certain products of the sa mama brand. TikTok has released a video with famous tests that amuse fans.

In the video, the girl Kim Kardashian looked at what she chanted, what she danced and how it was all applied to the products. Overall, it can restore the poor and these sources with the fard of the black poor.

A young girl available to sailors Third day of results. In fact she stated: “It’s a letter plus a parfait. Pa trope noir. I really love “. For the kit, use – eyeliner, light pencil and light red color.

North also stated: » C’est Tellement Bien! Pas de motes! Pas de Motes ». Kim Kardashian in this video. She’s in the coverage of a famous social media video.

She admitted: “Ce que ma fille fait sur mon telephone ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha”. La Mère de Famille avait déjà Expliqué que ses Girls love to do makeup.

“This is art for an essay about yourself makeup”

In an interview with Bustle, Kim Kardashian said: « Elles essaient toujours d’utiliser tout ce que j’ai dans mes tirairs. I thought it was a fun game for them. This is art for a makeup artist essay”.

Vanguard also: “Ce qui est” Tell me how to have fun for me. C’est comme s’ils voulaient jouer avec leurs amis (…) I adore artistic talent. I thought it was funny how they essayed and experimented with everything.”.

Kim Kardashian admitted that her girlfriend North loves to use cosmetics. She indicated: “Nous étions chez Saks au rayon maquillage l’autre soir. And she checked that she had chosen more my southern heart is visage avec.

They suck all the revel memes out of her: “I told you, I didn’t think anything of you wearing eyeliner.”. Finally, the north decided to use eyeliner on this façade.

Perhaps Kim Kardashian is avoiding children playing SKKN Rennes at an old age. She clarified: “If a moment between the eyes lights up a light, purra with plaisir.

The candidate for reality television is also Souligné: “J’adorerais qu’ils s’implicent, but most of all I want it to be fast. Et cela pourrait is not part of the beauty and convenience sector”. Affair à suivre!

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