Kim Kardashian wants to start a law firm

Kim Kardashian.  Source: Luxury Launches website


Kim Kardashian. Source: Luxury Launches website

Will we ever see a cabinet named Kim Kardashian & Associates?

This is the dream that the reality star confided in an episode of the show Hulu The Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian has announced her desire to found a law firm specializing in judicial and prison reform. Her office reportedly employs former inmates, she said.

The celebrity said he was particularly sensitive to cases that could lead the accused to the death penalty. The most famous of the incredible family Kardashian says to have spoken by telephone with Brandon Bernard, executed two years ago after being convicted of the murders of two young pastors. She says she received the last phone call from the death row inmate.

Kim Kardashian also claims to use her connections to try to avoid the death penalty for those sentenced to death. The Governor of Oklahoma has transformed the death penalty of Julius Jones in life imprisonment, while the celebrity had mediated the fate of the murderer of a businessman.

However, there is still a long way to go for the celebrity, since she has so far only passed the baby bar exam. She is continuing her studies in law, and is preparing to take the main bar exam this year. But Kim Kardashian seems to have at heart to practice the profession of lawyer, the same one that her father exercised Robert Kardashian.

We do not know if this possible future firm will give the idea to other lawyers to start on their own account. But since Kim Kardashian embarked on legal studies, online searches for law schools have increased in the United States.

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