Kimberly Loaiza hasn’t eaten a tamale in 10 years due to online “bullying”

TO Edison Gonzalez | February 1, 2024, 3:30 p.m.

Model and former member Dancing with the StarsKimberly Loaiza claims that many years ago she suffered greatly because of her appearance and because of ridicule about her on social networks.

“Feeling like you’re being attacked because of the way you look is something that should never be addressed,” he said in an interview on the program. Word of mouth.

The businesswoman added that at one point in her life, she helped her mother sell tamales; For this reason, people “threw” him behind the keyboard and, moreover, They attributed their weight to a popular dish (see attached video for full details).

“My mother was selling tamales and I got a message that said, ‘No wonder you’re so fat, you’re probably eating all your mother’s tamales,'” Loaiza added.

Kimberly stated that these comments affected her greatly, so He stopped eating tamales for 10 years. So much so that she suffered from anorexia and became more concerned about her mental health from that point on.

Loaiza says exercise is essential to combat anxiety and depression.

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Word of mouth

Kimberly Loaisa’s health has deteriorated due to facial paralysis.

Loaiza claims that one of his eyebrows has lost the ability to move, one eye is more open than the other, and his face suffers from allergic flare-ups causing skin ulcers.

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