King Frederick of Denmark dared to define his wife Mary Donaldson with a single critical word

Frederik (55 years old) and Mary Donaldson (51 years old) from Denmark are experiencing another very special day this Sunday. newly released king of denmark They are going to attend a religious service scheduled for the proclamation of the new king of the Danes. With this act, they would conclude an intense week of events related to his accession to the throne. In a few days, in addition to his presence, there have been other revealing movements with which he has made clear his position regarding this new phase. from them, Publication of a book in which Federico Makes multiple declarations of intent.

exactly three days after it was made Frederick of Denmark, King of the Danes, published a book, The new king wanted to take stock of this moment in his life through a few pages in which he gives a testimony in which he tackles many of the issues for which he has been in the news over the years and other aspects related to his life. Are. Work and personal. How could it be otherwise, In the book he mentions his wife Mary DonaldsonWhich he also defines with a meaningful word.

Frederick of Denmark defined Mary Donaldson in his book as

in the book, Denmark’s Federico Marie talks about the team he built together with Donaldson Both at personal and work levels. In his testimony he refers to her with a term that makes clear how well they get along.“Mary is my partner and my wingmanTo use a pilot’s expression, and we have a super dynamic”, these were the words and expressions with which he referred to his wife.

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