Know some myths about diabetes

How much do you know about diabetes? We share some of the most common myths about this disease.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body does not effectively use the insulin it produces.

If not controlled in time, it can significantly affect other organs such as the heart, eyes, kidneys, brain, and lower extremities.

Having the necessary knowledge about diabetes is very important even if you do not have it, so commercial scoop has compiled some of the most frequent myths:

I can’t do physical activity if I have diabetes

Regular physical activity has positive health effects, even for those with diabetes.

Of course, it should be discussed with your trusted doctor, so you will know what kind of exercises you can do and the precautions to take into account.

If I use insulin I will become addicted to it

Insulin is a necessary substance produced by the body naturally, patients with diabetes cannot produce it correctly, it must be administered to them, this will not cause addiction.

No one in my family has or had diabetes, I have no risk

It is true that having a family history where diabetes is present increases the possibility of suffering from it. However, many people diagnosed do not have a close relative with the disease.

If they detect diabetes I will not have a normal life

When the disease is detected in time and is treated correctly, you can lead a healthy and prolonged life.

Pay attention to your body and if something alarms you, go to the doctor. For those who are in Ciudad Guayana, Dr. Daniella Rengel, an internist and diabetologist, is ready to provide the best assistance.

I can’t eat anything I ate before

This point should be discussed with your doctor, unless you have an established eating plan, it is possible to eat some meals controlling the quantities.

There is no plan that works for all cases of diabetes, you must receive personalized attention.

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