Konami affirms that it has new games underway, both from new sagas and others already known

Are there new Metal Gear Solid or Castlevania games coming up? Or even more Silent Hill games? We will see

Without a doubt, one of the great news of 2022 was the return of the iconic horror franchise Silent Hill, the Konami game saga that had been abandoned for many years. His return was not confirmed, after many rumors and leakswith a single game, since several and even a new movie were announced (although this was also already known); so it seems that the commitment to video games at Konami is once again quite strong.

In fact, the thing seems that It will not only stay in Silent Hill and the collaboration of Dead Cells with Castlevaniasince, as the rumors of recent years have been indicating, the Japanese company would be paving the way for more new projects. Also, these would be new unknown titles and some will belong to some of their big licenses. Oh, it seems evident that things are coming in Konami.

After the new Silent Hill, Konami seems to be working on more unannounced games

  • As reported from Famitsu (via VGC), Konami shared with them a New Year message in which he referred to his “new games for well-known series”, talking about Silent Hill surely. ✍️
  • On the other hand, and as a more interesting detail, they also mentioned that they had new projects on their hands “deeply and quietly under way” behind the scenes, if you will. ❗
  • Therefore, in addition to the titles we already know, The Japanese company promises that we will know new games even without announcingit only remains to be seen if these will be new licenses or will they be from already known sagas as well. 💥
  • Who knows… maybe one of them is the rumored remake of Matel Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater either a new installment of the spy sagaeven a remake of the first game. 🤔
  • We’ll see how this all ends, but it’s clear that Konami is working on new projects that will be announced soon, as they said themselves. ✅

Man, I think that many of you here will be seeing the announcement of a new Metal Gear Solid or more Silent Hill, which doesn’t sound so far-fetched, or even a new Castlevania.

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