Kristen Stewart and the fascinating cars that marked her career

Kristen Stewart, ladies and gentlemen. The Californian actress is a hallmark in contemporary cinema. Bearer of a sophisticated and versatile style, the girl who debuted on the big screen with that thriller of David Fincher called “the panic room”, today is undoubtedly one of the faces that embody the renewal of the artistic canon of the Hollywood industry.

Born in 1990, in sunny The Angels, Stewart He has participated in more than a dozen films of the most varied style. As an example, we can name the saga of “Twilight”, “On the road”, “Equals”, “Café Society” or “Spencer”. As you will see, a versatile artist: science fiction, drama, comedy.

Throughout her journey in the film industry, Kristen has had to drive all kinds of cars. I find it fascinating when automotive culture is intermingled with the seventh art, since they produce a truly particular event, unique and at the same time simple: putting a character to drive “describes” the character without the need for voiceovers or dialogues.

Today we intend to review the most iconic cars that accompanied Kristen Stewart in filming. Join us in this inspiring plot.

3.Ford V8, from Cafe Society (2016)

Ford V8, by Cafe Society.

In 2016 it hit theaters Cafe Societyone of the last productions of the legendary Woody Allen. In this period film, Stewart shares a cast with Jesse Eisenberg, Steve Carell and Jeannie Berlin. The plot of this film is sustained in the twists and turns of a still growing Hollywood industry.

Being a period film -1930s-, everything was set under that premise. Hairstyles, costumes, photography and… cars. Without a doubt, the car he drives stands out. Kristen Stewart in sunny California. It is specifically about the Ford V8 factory dated in 1936. Cabriolet, in mustard tone, a gem of North American industry.

2. Jaguar XK-E Roadster, from seberg (2019)

Jaguar XK-E Roadster, by Seberg.

What a movie we have here. Directed by Benedict Andrews and starring Stewart, Jack O’Connell and Vince Vaughn, this film focuses on the life of French actress Jean Seberg, played by Stewart. The vast city of The Angels and the struggle for civil rights, mark the pulse of this film.

For her, Kristen’s character needed to get around in a refined, European, vintage car. Say no more, the Jaguar XK-E Roadster is the choice. Dated from the factory in 1971, it is Jaguar convertible, complete in yellow, it is of a beauty and delicacy worthy of British industry. blonde hair of Stewart for this film, he dialogues perfectly.

1. Porsche 911 Carrera, from spencer (2021)

Spencer’s Porsche 911 Carrera.

The Chilean director Paul Larrain he has a keen eye for placing the physical context of his works on the big screen. His latest film is no exception. Kristen Stewart stood at the feet of, nothing more and nothing less, Diana, the princess of Wales. Yes: Lady Di.

As it was a period film, Larraín had to demonstrate in the car of Lady Di his style, without disrespecting the strictly biographical characters. The choice could not be more successful. Kristen Stewart wheel, from here to there, in the most stylish sports car ever built: Porsche 911 Race -Generation 964-, factory dated 1990. Complete in black and cabriolet: an industry masterpiece.

Now I ask you, cinephile, What car would you add to the list?

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