Kylie Jenner and her mother Kris slam Kendall for her “upsetting” behavior towards her younger sister in a new video

KYLIE Jenner and her mother Kris have slammed Kendall for her upsetting behavior towards her younger sister in a new video.

The admission was part of a live YouTube Q&A session for the launch of Kylie Cosmetics’ Kris collection.

Kris told a story involving Kendall and Kylie during the Q&A
Kris told a story involving Kendall and Kylie during the Q&A


Kylie, 25, and Kris, 66, mixed and drank martinis while showcasing Kris Collection products and responding to fan mail. At around seven minutes in, Kris answered a question from a fan named Beth. Beth asked, “Kris, what’s your favorite childhood memory of Kylie?” »

The famous momager replied: “There are a lot [but] I think one of my most fabulous memories of Kylie and that would include Kendall. »

Kris turns to her youngest daughter as she recalls: “When you went out in the dollhouse one day when I didn’t know where you were…”

Kylie interrupts her: “And she cut all my hair. »

As you skip a beat, Kris says “Yeah” then continues, “and Kylie came back inside with no hair, really no hair–”

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum chimes in again, wondering, “Was that your favorite memory?” »

“Well…now that’s funny.” I like humor, ”replied the 66-year-old man sincerely.

Kylie reveals how Kendall, 26, cutting her hair is a bad memory for her, explaining “Although I was so young, I remember how crazy you were. »

Kris admits: “I was pissed, I was pissed. Because you know…it was just gone. »


Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s personal feud may have just escalated after the Life of Kylie alum poked fun at her older sister online.

The Kardashians star was once again joined by her mother, Kris, to cook dinner together for Vogue’s YouTube channel.

The video segment started innocently enough, with Kylie teaming up with her mom to cook a pasta dinner.

Just because you work hard and cook doesn’t mean you can’t look glamorous at the same time – which of course was the case for both of them.

Kylie showed off her long legs and tight stomach in a sleek sleeveless short black dress.

Mum Kris echoed the black look in her own costume.

Both outfits were dazzled by sparkling jewelry.

The two made themselves comfortable behind a kitchen counter and began to learn how to make Kris’ patented pasta primavera.

Among the many ingredients needed to make the dish were zucchini, and Kylie couldn’t help but be interested in her sister’s unique way of cutting similar fruits and vegetables.

“Should we cut it like Kendall? Kylie slyly asked her mother.

“Yeah,” Kris replied with a smile.

Kylie then crossed her arms and held the vegetable awkwardly as she sliced ​​it.

“You know what, it’s genetic!” Kris roared in approval, seeming to confuse Kylie.

“Genetics? her daughter fired back. “I don’t cut things like that. »

KENDALL mocked

The controversy over Kendall’s cut was confirmed on a previous episode of The Kardashians.

When she started chopping a cucumber, she held the vegetable sideways and placed her fingers a few millimeters from the edge of the blade.

She then awkwardly crossed her arms, instead of turning the vegetable.

When the clip found its way to TikTok, critics jumped into the comments section and slammed the way she cut the cucumber.

Kylie has even poked fun at her cutting ways before, calling her sister a ‘cucumber girl’ in a photo from Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s wedding.

After his latest mockery, YouTube fans went wild.

“’Should we cut it like Kendall?’ LOL Kylie can be funny,” one fan commented.

Another added, “The fact that Kendall’s way of cutting is a literal reference in the family makes me laugh. »

While a third pointed out, “I mean at least Kylie knows how to cut stuff. »


Kylie’s cut comes as she and her sister continue to be seemingly locked in a year-long feud.

The sisters argued over various things big and small, even fighting once.

Their latest feud was captured in Hulu’s latest The Kardashians trailer.

In the preview, Kylie admitted at one point, “I’m really mad at my sister. »

The trailer then cut to Kendall, who appeared to be staring at her phone with an angry look on her face.

She revealed, “Kylie canceled at the last minute and she always seems to get by and I have to take over. »




Kylie and Kendall, with their older sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe
Kylie and Kendall, with their older sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe

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