La Cartuja record – another victory for Spain

Spain’s Women’s Nations League win is more than just a triumph on the playing fieldbut also in the stands. 32,657 viewers The meeting at the La Cartuja stadium in Seville represents a new record for capacity for a match of the Spanish women’s national team in our country.

It’s also about fifth best appearance at the Seville Coliseum in senior team matches. Yesterday’s viewership numbers were only surpassed by the 1999 clash against Croatia (57,619); v Sweden in 2021 (51,844); v Scotland in 2023 (45,623); and against China in 2012 (45,000).

The crowd were entertained from the start of the match, chanting “Champions, champions‘, waving his hand and turning on the flashlights of his mobile phones, we got a memorable picture.

We really want to win every game, every title, and if, on top of that, it’s at home, with people and family nearby, it will be much better.

Irene Paredes, captain of the Spanish national team

“There was a desire to celebrate. We are very hungry to win every game, every title, and besides, if it happens at home, with people and family nearby, it is much better,” said captain Irene Paredes. “When you win, you attract more people, and that’s important. Let everyone join in!” – he added.

Ovation for Torrecilla and Olga’s grandmother

The first ovation was received from the respectable audience. Virginia Torrecilla, still an active legend, who was the ambassador for the final and was responsible for carrying the trophy. at the hands of champions; And Maria Luisa, Olga Carmona’s grandmother, who took the ball to the center circle.. Everything was predetermined for the team to make history on a memorable day for the so-called Spanish women’s football, which once again showed that with love and promotion it eventually attracts respectable people.

The next big event for the Spanish national team will take place away from home, namely in France, where they will be one of 12 participants in the football tournament of the Paris Olympic Games. Previously, in the April international window, The national team will return to action in the first qualifying matches for Euro 2025. which will take place in Switzerland.

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