La Jornada – IPN medical students block the Bicentennial Circuit

Mexico City. Dozens of students from the Higher School of Medicine (ESM), of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), blocked the Bicentennial Circuit for two hours this Friday to express their disagreement with what they consider the lack of attention to their demands by the authorities of said house of studies.

Shortly before 12 pm, the students marched out of one of the doors of the ESM and headed on foot towards the Bicentennial Circuit, which they blocked, amid huélums and slogans, as well as banners demanding that the direction of the polytechnic gives them better study conditions.

In addition to emphasizing that the participants in the mobilization “we are not joints, we are students”, the young people demanded greater transparency in the exercise of the ESM budget, attention to cases of gender violence and that cases of alleged “corruption” be investigated. that there would be inside that campus.

Around 1:30 pm, when the vehicles that were traveling on the Bicentennial Circuit turned around and circulated on other sides, the protesters decided to march on this road heading northeast, and announced that they would go to Vocational Number 12, and then proceed to Insurgentes avenue.

Shortly after 2 in the afternoon, the students stopped blocking the Bicentennial Circuit and continued the already announced route through secondary streets.

A student from the school, who preferred not to mention her name, pointed out that the recent appointment of the interim director of the school, José Roberto de Jesús Bastarrachea, does not satisfy the list of petitions of the students of the institution, because supposedly “he belongs to the same group as the director above”, in addition to the fact that “he does not know the situation” of the school and therefore cannot meet the demands of the students.

Likewise, the young woman consulted asserted that the local petition of the ESM has not really been addressed by the authorities, for which she indicated that the blockade of the Bicentennial Circuit will continue until the authorities of the capital government, the IPN and the the Secretary of Public Education.

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