La Real recommends its fans not to use line 10 of the Paris metro.

Aware of the problem that exists in France with ultra-football groups, Real Sociedad has issued a series of recommendations to ensure that the 2,000 churi-urdin fans coming to Paris do not have any problems and are able to enjoy themselves in the best possible way. from a historical quote. The main recommendation is to under no circumstances use line 10 of the Paris metro to get to the Parc des Princes, because this is the line used by the radicals of Paris Saint-Germain.

The San Sebastian club also announces that the meeting point for its fans in Paris on match day will be La Seine Musicale, located southwest of the city, close to the Parc de los Principes stadium, three metro stops away. It will be posted there catering stands (food and drinks), as well as musical accompaniment. To go to the stadium later, Parisian authorities warned that kalehira celebrations towards the stadium would be prohibited, so the usual lines of fans dressed in blue and white would not be seen on the streets of Paris. It is recommended to go to the Pont de Sevres metro entrance, which connects to line 9, recommended by the authorities of Paris and which is connected to the stadium.

The San Sebastian club notes that its fans have been asked to take the metro line 9. the metro station is called stadium Porte de Saint-Cloudwhere realistic fans will have exclusive and safe access to the stadium.

500 meters from the Porte de Saint-Cloud stop, realistic followers will find the first security filter to check the entrance. Access to the stadium for visiting fans will be through Gate V., where the entrance turnstiles will be found. The doors of the Parque de los Principes stadium will open to fans two hours before the match, at 19:00.

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