La Romareda – “house of terror”

La Romareda, far from the fortress, was again a bargain… for visiting teams., especially for those flying into the departure area. The last to take three points this Sunday was Amorebieta, who have not won a single away game.

Morcillo paid tribute to Real Zaragoza’s disastrous performance with a superb last-second foul. In fact, the referee signaled the end as soon as the goal was scored. caused a huge boo from the public towards his players and the coach who will play him in Valladolid.

We got it in our hands in this course five opponents from the red zone. Four of them ended up winning. First it was Mirandes, then Alcorcón, Huesca and finally the Basque team.. White managed to win only Andorrain a match that was suspended on Friday due to snow and ended the next day.

The most striking thing is that in those four defeats Zaragoza failed to score a single goalshowing off his offensive problems that have plagued him since September.

In addition, the works of Julio Velazquez also they fell against Cartagena A few weeks ago I was unable to fly out, but only because head average. Of course, in this case they were able to score, although in the end they lost to a team that played one less player throughout the second half.

It is therefore not surprising that the Aragonese sixth-worst in the category with 21 points in 15 games. It surpasses only Andorra, Amorebieta, Alcorcón, Huesca and Cartagena.

Infinite Patience

One of the goals of the campaign was to make La Romareda a stadium that would be hard to beat, but it happened. the same as in previous seasons and is that anyone with very few points takes away points..

Support a hobby that demonstrates unprecedented patience and has almost 30,000 subscribers. In the match against Amorebieta, he applauded the entire time, except for the half-time whistle and the end of the game. It is impossible to ask for more and give less.

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