Lady Gaga broke our hearts in this beautiful and heartbreaking film that is now available on Netflix

Despite the fact that Hollywood has fed us up with so much remake/reboot/sequel… there is still room for creativity within a story that we have heard several times. This is the case of Bradley Cooper’s debut as a director: ‘A Star Is Born’ is available again on Netflix.

Are you happy in this modern world?

We had already had three previous versions of ‘A Star Is Born’, so the announcement of a fourth remake with Bradley Cooper in the direction and Lady Gaga as a co-star (after a long process in which the role almost went to Beyoncé ) was initially received with some suspicion.

'A star is born': the exciting film by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga was about to have a different ending

Prejudices that did not take long to disappear when they saw the final result: a film full of sensitivity and emotion, with an excellent soundtrack and the great chemistry between Cooper and Gagaable to traverse the screen.

A beautiful and heartbreaking story about love, music, the price of fame and the difficulty of keeping happiness in your hands. An emotional roller coaster that progresses without stridency and as if it were the first time we approached it.

Part of the credit goes to Cooper’s direction, which showed great mastery of the camera, as well as a naturalness that is surprising to find in a feature film debut. Unfortunately, the film did not obtain the recognition of the Oscar Awards, neither for the direction nor for its interpreters, he only won Best Song for the memorable ‘Shallow’.

If you haven’t been able to take a look yet or feel like reviewing it, ‘A Star Is Born’ is available on Netflix and can also be seen on HBO Max.

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