Lady Gaga: her beauty brand HAUS LABS has arrived (enfin) at Sephora

A long couple of hours as a singer, Lady Gaga is a successful business executive. Following the launch of this cosmetics brand Haus Labs aux Etats-Unis in 2019 and au Royaume-Uni in 2023, The star will expand distribution to 12 European countries exclusively at Sephora on March 26. An occasion for fans of the singer with makeup from Chez products. Lady Gaga’s Haus Lab online and in French magazines, in Italy, in Spain, in Portugal, in Zave, in Denmark, in Switzerland, in Greece, in Romania, in Poloni, in the Czech Republic or for an encore in Allemany.

The founder of the brand commented: “I am the most enthusiastic about the idea present all the new vegan cosmetics to Sephora customers in Europe, un leu qui m’inspire depuis des années!“.

© Haus Labs Lady Gaga at Sephora

Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs: why is brand three coming to France?

The American singer continues to create beautiful sensations at Haus Labs in 2019.. After this, the brand is ready to publish on social networks with a large palette of dyes for all color shades. Based on the impressive references it offers, Haus Labs by Lady Gaga is a brand that combines art, high technology, high performance, high pigmentation and wellness, clean and vegan. A gangant cocktail that implies une Vision Engagee: Celle d’Apporer Plus de Confiance en Soi thanks to makeup created for everyone.

Thanks to Lady Gaga’s global fame, the brand is popular on social networks. Griff’s Instagram account has over 1 million followers. Lady Gaga and fait regulièrement des apparitions à travers video in the forests that met on stage. Elle partage notamment des tutos maquillage qui vantent les vertus des derniers-nés de la marque.

Avec 125 items in 9 color and color categories, Haus Labs can keep bestsellers on consistent hold. Designations Foundation cream-dye Triclone Skin Tech. Available in 51 colours, the iconic product from Griffe has exploded on Tik Tok with over 10 million views and over 20 awards.

Range understands equally 31 shades of Triclone Skin Tech Concealer, The product is the best selling and most popular. New products are the most popular in the Levres and Games category.

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