Lady Gaga: Her cosmetics brand arrives in France three times better!

It’s official! Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs beauty brand will be available in French Sephora magazines. Explain to you!

A new product that will revive your makeup ! Très bientôt, Lady Gaga’s cosmetics brand It will be available in Sephora magazines in France. MCE TV vous devoile advertises from A to Z.

Lady Gaga: her cosmetics brand has finally become devoilée in France

As a gift plus Lady Gaga! The pop star continues to avoid the brand music lovers with their own pipe names. At the insistence Poker Face, Bad Romance, Just Dance you’re doing an encore Applause.

Old anime music from a children’s artist when he was a child. “J’écris des chansons depuis le debut of my career. I started playing the piano four years later. I studied classical singing at the same age. À treize ans, je découvrais le Jazz pour la première fois”, Most memorable was the star Clean graphics.

And in conclusion: “When I started writing music for the industry, it quickly became the ‘weird girl from downtown New York’ who made “Dance Songs for Other Performers.”

Passionate and talented, Lady Gaga is my favorite Les moyens pour percer dans le milieu. “Donc je me suis mise à faire this musique, pour me faire remarker, pour avoir la possibilité de plus voyager, de faire des spectacles”, at-elle is completed. “I adore the singer! “

He is universal, his main interest is also in the film industry. Impossible understudy, Marquant’s role in the film Small in dance she responded to Bradley Cooper.

Lady Gaga recently played the role of Patrizia Reggiani in House of Gucci. More prochainement in France, elle s’apprête à seduire around the world with your brand’s cosmetics.

Haus Labs is going to quickly read French

It was in 2019 that Lady Gaga imagined a d’ailleurs House Labs. “Je ne suis jamais trouvée belle quand j’étais jeune. And there is bad beauty to feel some beautiful interior. Et extérieure, just like that I discovered pouvoir for makeup”, at-elle ainsi, I trusted Business of fashion.

After Queen’s University, 26 Mars, sa mark you can buy it at Sephora Français stores. The announcement came out on Instagram on February 2!

Well, obviously the internauts are happy anyway. These products are also commercialized in Italy, Spain. Also in Portugal or Germany.

I’m sure Lady Gaga fans were deceived by these articles. Avec ses gammes, comedian spiritual inspirer of the whole world!

“J’ai découvert le maquillage quand j’étais très jeune”, at-elle livre pour Fashion France. “As for ma mère se maquillera dans le miroir. You are fascinated by his ability to transform. And she’s a strong woman who works. Child, I can’t be trusted.”

Avant de glisser also: “And the fate of the observer is the most beautiful of forces. The bathroom, I started to experience… Ce qui m’a permis d’augmenter ma confance en moi.”

For all your projects, Lady Gaga is a beauty junkie.Lorsk je suis became a musician, I started studying the art of makeup. And everything goes to another level.” at-elle ainsi ajouté. ” I said my love for makeup comes from my family. Et d’une profonde Passion for l’expression de soi et l’art. Cestus noticed!

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