Lady Gaga sings in the sequel to ‘Joker’

Lady Gaga, during the recording of the new Joker movie. Photo: Vanity Fair

The singer and actress Lady Gaga will give the musical touch to ‘joker: Foil à Deux‘, a sequel to the film directed by Todd Phillips, which is expected in 2024.

From Warner they assured that the tape will have a high musical content with Lady Gaga in her role as Harley Quinn. Although details are unknown, she transcended to be another Arkham patient and joins ‘Joker’, with whom she ends up in a ‘madness of two’.

Details of the film’s score have not been released. However, Gaga’s fans were thrilled to hear her voice playing in the background of a video at one of the film’s filming locations.

In the video, broadcast on social networks, a building set in the Arkham psychiatric center is shown. In the background, Gaga’s voice is heard, for a few seconds, performing a song.

Hildur Gudnadóttir will compose the film’s soundtrack, just like the first version, which received critical acclaim. Joaquín Phoenix received the Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in 2019.

When will ‘Joker 2’ be released?

The tape is will premiere on October 4, 2024, as part of the sequel to ‘Joker’, for which Joaquin Phoenix won Best Actor at the Oscars five years ago.

Phoenix’s first appearance with ‘Joker’ grossed $1.074 billion worldwide.

About this new installment, no further details have been revealed. It turned out that the story will take place in the eighties and in Gotham city.

The new images arouse the expectation of the film’s followers for the character ‘Joker’, who in the first chapter shows his transformation into a murderer.

Lady Gaga is one of the attractions and received positive comments after the disclosure of the images in the recordings. The actress published a photograph with the role of Harley Quinn, after the end of the recordings.

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