Lana Rhoades is causing concern with racy snaps, and concerned fans are asking, “What happened?”

Lana Rhoades has once again wowed fans with her racy Instagram snaps, but many are saying the same thing.

She was one of the biggest names in the adult world before she left and started making plans for her former career. Speaking in 2022, Lana proposed banning the industry after speaking out about her negative experiences as an adult star.

At one point, she even went so far as to suggest that all of her X-rated videos be removed from the internet. But in 2023, she made a career U-turn and announced a return to Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast, where she said she would be relaunching her page with an exclusive content.

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Since her return, she has been teasing her followers with snippets and photos of upcoming content. But her latest teaser has caused more concern than excitement among her 16 million Instagram followers.

Lana’s post was captioned: “We’re just girls.”(Image: Lana Rhoades/Instagram)

The model posted a series of photos with the caption “We’re just girls,” in which she and her friends struck “natural” poses. Lana wore a sheer, backless silver dress that showed off her slender physique.

But observers quickly noticed Rhodes’ slimmer figure, and many were concerned for his health.

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