Lancia no longer bothers to hide the new Ypsilon and drives it on the streets of Milan without camouflage

Typically, car manufacturers They tend to jealously guard the design of their new models. before the date of its official submission. However, leaks from the patent office, spy photos and media reports make it difficult to maintain secrecy.

Of all the cars that saw the light earlier than expected, probably few have suffered as many leaks as the new Lancia Ypsilon.. And in recent weeks, its aesthetic has been fully revealed with the release of numerous images of a prototype stolen from the Stellantis facility and later thrown into a river in France.

Realizing there’s nothing left to hide, Lancia filmed the Ypsilon presentation in the center of Milan. without even bothering to hide it. A position that contrasts with that of rivals such as Renault, which also just finished recording an R5 launch video without a single image leaking online.

In the case of the Italian, passers-by were able to photograph his body from literally every possible angle, so there will be few surprises during his presentation, scheduled for the end of February. This was likely partly intentional, as previous leaks had heavily criticized the car’s appearance. Instead of, the unit “caught” in front of the Milan Cathedral seems much more preferablelargely due to the chosen color combination.

Lancia Upsilon

Lancia Ypsilon will be produced in Spain.

While its kinship with the Opel Corsa and Peugeot 208 is undeniable, Lancia has made a number of changes to give the Ypsilon its own personality. The front stands out in appearance black visor with light signature in bowl shapeelement taken directly from the Pu+Ra HPE prototype.

The wheel arches are black – a solution used in the 208 model. Most of the modifications are concentrated on the C pillar., which combines the door handle and brand logo into a molding. The rear end boasts round taillights integrated into a black spoiler, a nod to the iconic Stratos of the ’70s.

The new Lancia Ypsilon, which will be produced in Figuelas (Zaragoza), will be available in both hybrid and pure electric versions. The latter will combine a 156 hp engine. (115 kW) and 260 Nm of torque with batteries with a total capacity of 51 kWh (48 usable kWh), which is enough to claim an approximate range. 400 km WLTP. As for charging, it will reach a peak power of 11 kW on AC and 100 kW on DC (20-80% in less than 25 minutes).

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