Last hours to grab this new free game on GOG and make it yours forever

The Beast Inside is in its final hours as a free-to-play game on GOG, so you better pick it up ASAP.

Last hours to grab this new free game on GOG and make it yours forever

At the door of the city weekend It’s always nice to be able to enjoy free video games, something that PC platforms They are usually very careful and allow all their players to receive new offers without paying a single cent for them. So a new weekly free game is now available from the Epic Games Store, and a free Steam update has done the same. GOGfor his part, is experiencing his last hours one of their forever free gaming promotions.

So, if you have an active account on the CD Projekt RED platform, feel free to register now using The beast insidevideo game that is available free for only 72 hours. Considering that the promotion in question started on January 31st, it will only be available until tomorrow, February 3, 19:00 (Spanish Peninsula time). Therefore, it is better not to miss the opportunity and you will add it forever to your library of titles platform so you can play it whenever you want.

Download The Beast Inside for FREE on GOG

The Beast Inside is free on GOG for a very limited time.

The Beast Inside is a unique and immersive experience that brings an interesting twist to the survival horror and thriller genres.. The game combines an intriguing story-driven adventure with a suspenseful survival experience. Immerse yourself in a story of long-forgotten secrets, personal tragedies and madness. Play as two main characters who live in different centuries, but are united by a dark heritage.

Boston, 1979. CIA cryptanalyst Adam leaves the city and moves to the country with his wife Emma.. His handlers fear they won’t be able to keep him safe there, but Adam thinks he needs a quiet place in the woods to try to crack the military code. Their work could change the course of the Cold War. It turns out that this area is the exact opposite of the quiet place they expected…

Download The Beast Inside for FREE on GOG

So don’t miss the opportunity Get The Beast Inside completely free via GOG and receive it before tomorrow, February 3, at 19:00 (Spanish Peninsula time).

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