Last places to attend the Internal Medicine Conference of the College of Veterinarians of Navarra

The registration deadline for this first level training, which was conducted on February 3 by Ignacio Mesa Sánchez and Carles Mengual Riera at the college headquarters, expires on January 31.

Last places to attend the Internal Medicine Conference of the College of Veterinarians of Navarra

The College of Veterinarians of Navarre is preparing to host a preeminent event in small animal internal medicine on February 3rd. This exclusive event, which is open to both registered veterinarians and individuals, will feature two eminent experts in the field of animal medicine. Interested parties still have time to complete their registration. The deadline for filling the last available places will be open until January 31st by calling 948 220 072 or by email:

Notable speakers who will lead the day are the European Diploma in Internal Medicine and AVEPA accredited specialist in Internal Medicine, Ignacio Mesa Sánchez, and Carles Mengual Riera, MSc in Animal Medicine from the University of Cordoba, currently undergoing the AVEPA process. accreditation in emergency and intensive care departments.

The event will analyze the field of the kidneys with a special emphasis on acute renal failure and the clinical management of proteinuria and glomerulopathies. These topics are fundamental to animal care, and presenters will share valuable information with participants. On the other hand, the presenters will share their experiences in the treatment of respiratory distress syndrome, tracheal collapse and the use of stents to improve the quality of life of patients with these conditions.

More information on the website of the College of Veterinarians of Navarra.


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