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Ukrainian military says they attacked Russian ‘training camp’ near Dnipro River in Kherson

The Ukrainian military said they attacked a “training camp” for Russian troops on the left bank of the Dnipro River in the Kherson region, near the key Krynky bridge, where Ukraine says it controls its positions despite Russian claims of some progress. Is maintained.

A video shared on the official Telegram channel of Ukraine’s Southern Command late Wednesday night shows about two dozen soldiers running away after an explosion near them. Command spokeswoman Natalya Humenyuk said Thursday that a clear impact had been shown at the so-called “training camp.”

CNN was able to geolocate the images and it appears that the alleged “training camp” was located in Olesky Sands in the Kherson region, about 21 kilometers south of Krynky.

Context: Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday that Russia has control over the village. However, Ukraine refuted his claim, calling it “manipulation and falsification of facts”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also said this Thursday that Ukrainian forces remain at the Krynky bridge and that “the enemy can only conduct a disinformation campaign.”

Other frontline points: In the Zaporizhia region, Ukraine said it had repulsed eight Russian attacks west of Verbov and near Robotin. The Ukrainian military claimed to have inflicted heavy losses on Russian units attempting to advance from Robotin. In the Marinka sector of the Donetsk region, Ukrainian forces continue to control Russian forces in the area.

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