Latest news on violence and internal armed conflict in Ecuador, live: news and more

Many international leaders rejected the violence in Ecuador and expressed their support for the Noboa government.

The Spanish Embassy in Quito condemned the violent acts in Ecuador this Wednesday via X (formerly Twitter) and expressed solidarity with the victims.

“We condemn the violent acts committed by criminal groups in recent days and we stand in solidarity with the victims. We support Ecuador’s democratic institutions to restore normality to the lives of our brother Ecuadorians.”

The President of Panama also expressed his solidarity with the Ecuadorians.

“Expressing our solidarity with the government of President @DanielNoboaOk, we regret the events that have occurred and which compromise stability and the rule of law in this brotherly country.”

OAS Secretary-General Luis Almagro also expressed his support for Daniel Noboa’s decision to declare a state of emergency.

“We express our support for the provisional emergency measures taken by President Daniel Noboa. The fight against organized crime and crime within the framework of civil rights is fundamental in the region. Control of detention centers by state security forces is essential. Ecuador We can rely on the work of the General Secretariat of the OAS in our efforts to protect the country.”

From Israel, Ecuador’s Vice President, Veronica Abad, supports Daniel Noboa’s decision to declare an internal armed conflict.

For its part, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights also spoke out about the violence in Ecuador.

“#Ecuador: The #IACHR condemns acts of violence in prisons, attacks with explosives and all planned actions of organized crime; it calls for a thorough investigation of the incidents. At the same time, it reports that it continues to monitor The human rights situation during the validity of the state of emergency declared on January 8 and extended on January 9. The actions of the armed forces in internal security operations must be extraordinary, appropriate, exceptional, temporary, restricted, subordinate and complementary to the civil forces, regulation and With control. #humanrights”

Ambassador Brian A. Nichols said in a conversation with the President.

Brian A Nichols

Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader rejected the acts of violence and offered support to President Daniel Noboa

“As President of the Dominican Republic, I reject acts of violence against the people of Ecuador and strongly support President @DanielNoboaOk’s efforts to protect civilians, maintain the rule of law and democratic order in Ecuador #SolidaridadEcuador.”

The Argentine government supported Ecuador in the fight against crime. In a statement published in X, he said that so far he had no reports of Argentine citizens affected by the situation of violence and recommended that they remain under protection.


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